Online Credit Courses : Free and Splendid !

Online Credit Courses : Free and Splendid !

Education. Online. Free. — Enroll now! and earn money !

iversity - the organisation behind the  course

It is amazing if you learn for free, get credits for most of the universities of the world, and earn while you invite friends for the course and while you write a blog.
You may enroll in any of the courses below. Signing is easy, you can sign in by using your facebook account as well. The courses are made live by the team of educationists from Berlin called 'iversity' whose lectures and assessments are recognised by many of the universities worldwide.

Courses (Please choose by clicking any of the courses below and register.)

1) Design 101 (or Design Basics) : in English (Art Studies)

2) Monte Carlo Methods in Finance : in English (Economics)

3) The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry : in English (Chemistry)

4) Mathe-MOOC: Mathematisch denken! : in German (Mathematics)

5) The Future Of Storytelling : in English (Interdisciplinary)

6) The European Union in Global Governance : in English (Interdisciplinary)

7) Sectio chirurgica - 'Anatomie interaktiv' : in German (Medicine)

8) Changemaker MOOC - Social Entrepreneurship : in English (Interdisciplinary)

9) DNA - From Structure to Therapy : in English (Biology)

10) Internationales Agrarmanagement : in German (Agricultural Studies)

11) Modelling and Simulation using MATLAB® : in English (Interdisciplinary)

12) Web-Engineering I: Grundlagen der Web-Entwicklung : in German (Computer Science)

13) Web-Engineering II: Entwicklung mobiler HTML5-Apps : in German (Computer Science)

14) Contemporary Architecture : in English (Architecture)

15) Grundlagen des Marketing : in German (Economics)

16) Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen : in German (Computer Science)

17) Political Philosophy: An Introduction : in English (Philosophy)

18) Dark Matter in Galaxies: The Last Mystery : in English (Physics)

19) Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre : in German (Economics)

20) The DO School Start-Up Lab : in English (Interdisciplinary)

21) Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights : in English (Political Sciences)

22) Vehicle Dynamics I: Accelerating and Braking : in English (Engineering)

23) Vehicle Dynamics II: Cornering : in English (Engineering)

24) Vehicle Dynamics III: Vertical oscillations: in English (Engineering)

25) Einführung in die Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung : in German (Statistics and Data Analysis)


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