Fearless presentation

Fearless presentation

Urishna, one of the student of Development Studies from National College and also my student of YES!+, called me few days back that they have this “wow club” and they want to organize various sessions for the growth of students. For the same, they invited me for a talk at the college. Cool, the same college from where even I did my Graduation, invites me.  As I entered the hall, there were around 60 students.

So here I wanted to share to the gist of whatever I spoke there on the topic “how to give presentation without being nervous, without fear”.
Hello everybody, I am Bhawesh and am a full time faculty of The Art of Living. I feel happy to be here, as I am an alumni of the college. I love this small and family like college very much. Well today’s topic on how to give presentation is quite interesting. I remember my early days in 2006-7 when I had just joined college and we had to give presentations. My heart would nearly pump out, legs would shake, lips would tremble and trying to be clever, I would select the easiest portion for presentation among the group. However, now you all can see, I am talking to you all, presenting something and I can say, “there is not a drop of fear”. So here, I would like to take this platform to share, how I overcame this fear and few suggestions that I think would make a little difference in your life.
There is a proverb in hindi, “sabsey bada rog, kya kahengey log” i.e what other person would think about us is the biggest fear/disease in life. This is one of the most prominent reason for why we cannot give presentations in front of people. We are so much obsessed with how these all people will judge me, think about me. Who has time to even think and judge about us? Do you judge and remember every minute of your life for those every single person who gave presentations in front of you? No. This is one, lets come out with this fear, “what these people are going to think about me”.
Second, is do you really want to come out of the nervousness and be able to give presentations? Then all this theory and whatever I talk will make no difference. To learn to swim, you have to jump into the water. I would like to tell you few things that you all can do, which is sure to make a difference in your ability to give presentations. Eg. There are more than 40 Rotaract clubs in Kathmandu. Select any topic that you think will be good for people, make a short presentation. Contact Rotaract Clubs and request them to provide you time to give presentation. They will be definitely glad to welcome you. Then, go and give your presentation. After presentation, ask 2 questions, “1. any questions on subject matter?” , “2. feedback for the presentation”. Now this, has several positive impact in your life. I will sort it out.
  • your knowledge on a particular subject will improve
  • you will get to learn all round approach on the subject matter
  • you will also learn to communicate (approaching Rotaract club, permission for the talk and finally presentation)
  • your Public Relation (PR) will also increase
  • your presentation skill will improve like anything
  • your nervousness and fear will run away
If we even do 1 presentation a week in 1 club, by 1 year we can finish all the Rotaract Club. We can also include our presentation at different colleges, clubs, societies. This is a way to learn things practically. By only theory we cannot learn to swim, same with the ability to talk to mass, give presentation.
Your health, food you eat also at times has an impact to your presentation, but however this doesn’t have much of the influence. Eg. There was a star in the sky which Ram was trying to show to Shyam. Ram was pointing with finger “that star, that star”. But Shyam could not figure out and Ram said “can you see that tree?”, Shyam said “yes” and again Ram said “the star exactly above that tree” and now finally Shyam says “oh that star”. Now from a normal point of view there is not connection between a Star and a tree, but from a different approach, understand, vision and dimension there is a connection. Similar with food that we take sometimes makes us too dull or restless, lack of exercises or over exercise do have an impact, less or more depending on the person.
There are 2 aspects of the presentation. One is “academic” i.e. a format, formality. Lets say, your presentation as per the college requirement might need a proper format that includes, “introduction, body, analysis, conclusion”. So knowing all this is academic part, which we can learn from college teachers. But another aspect is soft skill, i.e. “talking without fear, nervousness and with naturalness”. Both is needed for a good presentation.
Therefore, I wish you all the best of luck for the future. Lets come out of our comfort zone, lets get crazy. There is a huge opportunity for everyone to grow here but the thing is you need to put your effort. Nothing is impossible.
Thank you Urishna, Devs society for organizing such a program which certainly will be of help to everyone, even me. If anything is there that I can be of use or help to you, I am 24 7 ready. I am available on Facbook page at www.facebook.com/page.Bhawesh and at viber: +977-9851006734.
Thank you
I have written above to the best of what I spoke today.

Bhawesh Khanal is a full time Art of Living faculty and conducts several courses for youths and all people from diverse walks of life. 



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