Yes You Can!

Yes You Can!

How many times do we hear a voice in our head saying '"No, I can't" . Be it for a minor task such as developing some healthy habit or for things such as learning a new language, what about loosing some fat? "No, I can't " rings in our heads like the bells of a temple in Kathmandu.

Suppose you want to get A+ grades in all your tests. Why not? Who are you not to be able to do it?  Most of us just don't aim high enough! We can't imagine our mark sheet full of "A+"s.  Our undermining ourselves has made the sight of accomplishment  alien to us. This is where we loose it. This is where the top performers in every sector outsmart us. The student who gets maximum grades in all  subjects or a worker who  gets the better of all his colleagues isn't some super- ultra- mega bag of talent. It's just that he believes in himself. He knows this not so hidden secret and  can over power the " No, I can't"  voice in his head with "Of course, I can." 

Grades are just the simplest of examples. You want to go to the moon? What about some place where no one's  ever been  before ?  What about Mars? Just use the little secret and yes, Yes You Can!
Blogger- doodleon is some guy who believes in himself and every single one of you



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