Sense of responsibility

Sense of responsibility

Being around here, working with people and having to depend on them for one piece of work is damn difficult.  “Tried and failed” to get along, well getting along is not an issue, getting things done in time is one! The plans that you make, and the longing hrs that they never seem get it done on time is another. I haven’t been in a single moment when one promises to get it done on time, and has actually given in time!!!


Probably I’m just making it worse, or maybe this is how things are here in Nepal. People can adapt and change for good, but why can this be a change on getting things done ASAP, rather than waiting for the last moment? Sometimes I wonder, if they even take their work seriously? Or they simply do not value their work??

Hmm.. Am I being way way to critical then needed? Or are things just like this/were always like this? My dad and my mom told me, “this is Nepal, as far as I know nothing has changed! It is indeed difficult to work on your own or even get things done on time”. Ah, this is indeed FRUSTRATING!

I do hope people started taking their jobs seriously, keep their promises and deliver on time!! 

Written by :  Subhasini Shrestha



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