Learn + Talk + Share at Sajilai Sikaun

Learn + Talk + Share at Sajilai Sikaun

Sajilai.com, launches as the first online platform for anyone who wants to learn in Nepali language and share their skills online. With an official start from the Education day of Nepal, Sajilai.com seems to be a one-stop resource enabling users to learn various subjects and skills  like cooking, music, photography etc in nepali language. 

As we title of blog as Learn + Talk + Share is what we really find it as a feature at Sajilai Sikaun

Sajilai.com is all about learning. A common platform for all Nepalese to learn online. Users can watch videos by selecting the categories available in website or just picking one from the popular and most visited videos. The growing video library consists of videos related to learning different skills and subjects.

Sajilai.com offers an online community for users to ask, discuss, talk and share opinions and solutions about things they want to learn. The users can communicate with each other, create groups, conduct discussions,polls etc.

The website also allows users to send their own videos and get them featured in the website. Anyone can send their videos about learning anything from dressing, fixing a lightbulb, tying a shoelace to music, business skill and more. The videos needs to meet the minimum criteria specified by the website which are very basic and do not require any technical expertise.

We asked +Nikhil Sapkota , the founder of +Sajilai Sikaun about this amazing new platform and here is what he has to say - 
"With the growing modernization, nepali people are not being able to stay updated with the latest technologies and skills and also loosing interest on Nepali language mainly due to the lack of resources and learning materials in Nepali and difficulty in understanding English. To fill this gap we are trying to promote learning in Nepali language and have all the necessary resources from very basic to advanced skills in our own mothertongue," 
As the First  online learning platform of Nepal, Sajilai Sikaun aims to becoming the largest Nepali learning library online and global destination for learning in Nepali. It plans to expand its reach to every village and cities of Nepal as well as the worldwide nepali community. 

For sharing your skills and learning in Nepali online visit www.sajilai.com. For all new updates visit its official social media's at Twitter @sajilaisikaun and Facebook www.facebook.com/sajilaisikaun.

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