Nepal Government's Websites Compromised

Nepal Government's Websites Compromised

The day was pretty good. I was happy with the news that the road of my area was being black topped. For a moment, may be with some selfishness I thanked Nepal Government for the great deed. I should no more walk through the same dusty road. I thought again,”Yes! Our country is progressing.”   

To add to my happiness, I had electricity at my area today; I sat on my computer and logged on to Facebook. I started conversation with a little brother of mine and eventually I came across very disappointing news. The news was that more than 13 websites of Nepal government had been hacked today by a very popular hacker’s community named RedFox. I was literally shocked with the news.  Then I searched for more details on which websites were compromised. Yes, luckily I came across a document which had the list of the compromised websites.(Hacked Websites)

The following websites were hacked :

  1. Special Government Attorney Office of nepal
  2. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve government nepal 
  3. EPS governmentof Nepal:
  4. Public Service Commission PSC lok sewa aayog.
  5. online govt service portal nepal 
  6. urban govt departemnt of nepal 
  7. Ministry of Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation
  8. ministry of civil govt nepal
  9. District Livestock Service Office Government office 
  10. Office Of The Attorney General of nepal 
  11. Nepal govt medical organization
  12. Pilot Program for Climate Resilience govt of nepal 
  13. District Livestock Service Office nepal

Sgao Website Hacked by RedFox
 Being an IT student, I felt ashamed of what I heard and what I came to know. I went through all the enlisted URLs. Yes, I had only heard that the websites were hacked, but now I could eye witness the hacked websites. In the course, I came to know that this was not the end of the feeling of being ashamed that I was going to face. I went through the website of Revenue Administration Training Center (, and to my notice came two great pictures in the slider of the website. The images were none other than Desert and the Tulips Wallpaper which comes along with Windows 7 OS. Well, I thought for a moment, if they had to put up the Windows wallpaper in Revenue Administration Training Center’s website, then why did they set up the website?

Revenue  Administration Training Center's website with a Desert Wallpaper

So, Nepal government’s websites are being compromised so much and our government does not do anything rather than re uploading the websites and pretending as if nothing had happened. A lot of government officials claim that IT has a vital role to uplift the status of a country. But, let’s think for a second, while we claim that we are progressing a lot in the field of IT, do these activities reflect the same thing?

All thanks to RedFox, maybe this will enlighten our Government officials who tend to be very careless. 

Prakash Banjara is an IT student at Purbanchal University. He is an E-sport enthusiast and Secretary at mYktm Gaming Association Pvt. Ltd.


Anonymous said...

If they keep on using outdated stuffs these results are just a child's play.

Unknown said...

Indeed, with so much of carelessness we reach no where.


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