Annoying Matters associated with Food.

Annoying Matters associated with Food.

                  Know about Biological hazards in Food system

Common food pests 
Common food pests 

Destructive, noxious living matters which occurs during the  cycle  in the food system are the Pests.
Pests contaminate food with hair, fur, droppings, eggs, and dead bodies. Flies vomit on food during feeding and may have just left a pile of refuse or animal faeces before visiting your premises.
Food loss is the major concern associated with pest contamination  which is of high importance in the efforts to combat hunger, raise income and improve food  security.
There are many cases of loss of food in the  Godown of  Nepal Food  Co-operation नेपाल खाद्य सस्थान at Humla.

Spread of disease is also a principal concern associated with Biological hazards in food system which is of  top priority with regard to Food Safety.

Ashim Sigdel is a student of Food Science and Technology at Tribhuvan University Pokhara Bigyan Tatha Prabidhi Campus. He is  a youth activist; initiator of  Food safety for Prosperity.



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