YOUNG GUNS: Best entrepreneurial Guide for Aspiring startups

YOUNG GUNS: Best entrepreneurial Guide for Aspiring startups

I recently read a book that was published 5 years before to inspire young lads on entrepreneurship and guide their entrepreneurial path. Young Guns: The Fearless Entrepreneur's Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and the Fearless Entrepreneur's Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own Breaking out on Your Own :By Robert Tuchman, founder of popular sports marketing firm TSE Sports & Entertainment.

The book contains the inspiring stories and gives idea how to transform your small initiative to a big company as Tuchman did in his business.  The 215 page book divided into 16 very informative and captivating chapters teaches how to:
- formulate your great idea
- identify your strengths
- make your business stand out in a crowded marketplace and so much more!

Many of us wants to be boss of our own company and we usually end our dream and let die the entrepreneur inside us due to so many circumstances in the book Tuchman not only share how he made his journey so successful but also empower us to bring out our dream business idea and make it successful.

In the book you will learn how to shape your business idea and start a venture, how to get your clients and engage them with you, what you must sacrifice to be success in your venture, how to deal with different problems through real life example of young entrepreneurs

Now day lots of Nepali youths are in entrepreneurial path. The culture of creating job and working for self-have been increasing. This book will be fruitful to all who are entrepreneur or the one who wants to make themselves in the entrepreneurial world. This is a wonderful startup guide which also let you know if entrepreneur is in you or not.

Some motivating quotes from the book:

"A successful business requires that its leaders learn a great deal, and keep on learning over time."
"Expressing passion for what you do as an entrepreneur is not just your right--it's what you do for a living!"
"If you think you alone can take your company to the next level of its have to learn to let go and let others succeed."
“There is no better time to take risks especially when it comes to making career choices-than you are young.”

Nishant Khanal +Nishant Khanal, a Bibliophile, dreamer, explorer and interactive person who loves sharing his learning.  



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