Fulmaya Tamang : SNASEA 2013 Finalist Success Story

Fulmaya Tamang : SNASEA 2013 Finalist Success Story

Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Awards 2013 finalist, Fulmaya Tamang runs Bhattedanda Women Farmers Cooperative in Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchowk. People in her community call her women groups as  ‘Bhattedanda Women Army’. She started her cooperative with 20 women but now, her cooperative have more than 200 members including men.

About Fulmaya Tamang's Past

In her childhood, she was the eldest child in her family who had to take more family responsibilities than other. She never had an opportunity to go to school to study. At the earliest age of 15 years, she was married. She is now a wife and mother of four daughters. 42 years old Fulmaya, had very poor economic condition at home. Her husband had no work and her family suffered due to poverty.

Her inspiration

She was inspired to open cooperative when she watched one television program about women's activities,their unity and empowerment. The television show gave her hope and motivation to initiate cooperative.

Her struggle

In context of rural Nepali society, men work and earn money whereas women do household works.Women have to face gender inequality, domestic violence,exploitation. With huge courage, she was able to collect 20 women and convince then to join her initiative in her community. They started the campaign of saving few amounts each month. They started  to save 50 rupees each month and opened account informally. Those savings later would be used to solve financial problems in the family or invest to start a new venture.

However, her journey to continue this campaign was not simple. Male is the head of the family to take all decisions and females are the minority groups. In this situation, Fulmaya Tamang's women group had to face both family and society challenges. They had to organize secret meetings. Some would doubt her if she would run away from the village by collecting money and discourage other women not to join her. Her strong faith and positive energy to succeed made her strong enough to cross all the rough paths in her way and continued her cooperative.

Financial Support

The director of Saga Charity Trust, England funded the cooperative of Fulmaya through Rotract Club Of Thamel. With the help of that fund, her cooperative now provides loans to the people to start new ventures,for agriculture and buffaloes. They have special program for those who take loan for buffaloes. There is a fixed time period to repay loans and instead of paying interest rates, they have to send their children to the school to study from the earning of buffalo's milk products and etc. Initially, the cooperative 10 families took a loan for buffalo and had made successful ventures for other works as well. Now, almost 50 families and their children are taking advantage of this program.

Her Recognition

She received Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2013 along with 75,000/- rupees fund. The award function was organized by Change Fusion Nepal. She was in top 5 list among 119 application for the award. This recognition have made her proud of her hardship, her courage, hard work and her determination. Those who used to doubt her work now praises her for her initiative.

She says," People have started appreciating my work even more. My family,members of the cooperative and the whole community is proud at the moment. I am happy I could show people that women can do anything as much men can do,even more than that."

With the fund she got from the award, she wants to donate 10,000/- rupees to the Gumba and invest rest of the amount in goat farming. She wants to gift members of her cooperative one goat as a symbol of the award she had received.

Person Behind Her Success

No matter what society says, if your family supports you then you can conquer anything. Fulmaya Tamang's husband was her moral support in her each and every step of life. She says," I am very lucky to have husband like him.He has supported me in my every failure  and success even though society was against me. I would not reach to this platform if he would not be my moral support. I wish every women gets husband like mine."

The other person, Fulmaya wants to thank is Mr. Khem Ranjitkar, General Manager of Malla Hotel who had supported her as a father. He have helped her in funding finances and for the logical and moral support.

Her Words for Women

It is a common story of all rural community women where men rule over families. The equality and freedom is never same as men for women.According to her, "If we unite and work together to solve problems, we will definitely succeed. Women should not limit herself in household works. She has the same potential as men. We should utilize our freedom, stop domestic violence by uniting."

 Though Fulmaya Tamang was illiterate, poor, she not only earned and educated her children and family but also for the whole community through women empowerment and togetherness.

Watch this video to what Fulmaya Tamang has to say about her venture.

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