My father is Hindu. so is my mother. I am not afraid to call  what I am.  am an atheist and proud of it.  will not apologize for what I  do and don’t believe. I will not rename myself in order to hide from hatred, and I will not stay isolated out of the fear of being demonized when united. I can’t stay silent while witnessing cruelty and injustice because I am not just an atheist — I am an atheist who cares.

"Atheists are one of the fastest growing minorities in the world, and many people are choosing to give voice to their views publicly rather than hiding their lack of religious beliefs from their communities. In some cases, this public declaration of atheism can lead to social backlash from friends and family; in other areas, it can even be physically dangerous to admit to atheism." : Atheist Republic

Oxford  defines Atheism as "Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God" which may be true for some atheists, in fact very few, but not for all. Every atheist has their own definition and perception of atheism. However, they land up with same conclusion. Atheism simply refers to lack of belief in deities. We, as atheists, do not challenge the existence of god. We simply do  not bother about it, at least I do not. In a broad sense, atheists can be synonymous to realistic. Every atheist may not have same view on a particular matter.There is no degree or type of atheism.

Atheists are not anti-theists; Anti-theism is an attitude of opposition or metaphysical revolt against God. Atheist are tolerant, unlike the anti-theists. We respect the theists and their beliefs but we revolt against injustice, especially when it's in the name of religion or god. We never ask theists to justify  their beliefs. Not all our friends are atheists. We do not  force atheism on anyone, it's just a person's view. Point to be noted : Atheism is not a religion.

No one is born Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Jews or Buddhist or Sikh; No one's born as atheist either ! We can also find many theists in disguise : Theists as long as they are helpless or in need. Take some time, look at yourself and decide who you are !

Feel free and  post your religious  view in the comment box !! 

- Anurag



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