Story of National Food Activism-2013

Story of National Food Activism-2013

Food Activism was initiated  from the year 2012 with the theme “Agricultural Co-operatives key to feeding the World”. This is a purely youth involved Momentum for the development of Knowledge status on Agri-food system, envirionmental  issues, climate change with  food security. The core vision we defined is the collaborative R&D with different Academic youth erudite for the  development  and capacity building in order to achieve Sustainable development through integrated study of social, economic and environmental aspects of development with  climate change and food security.

 Food and Nutritional Security Today’s Necessity Programme was organized by  Activists being  focused on food security; 
i)                    Food production, availability, accessibility, &utilization.
ii)                  Stability of food supplies.
These dimensions of food security are likely to be affected by Biodiversity change. So introducing Activsim with  massive participation of youths’, GOs &NGOs, Health professionals, academia in the Awareness rally with Flash Mob, Photo and Poster presentation of facts and figures with multidisciplinary based Talk Programe was primal  to the success.
Awareness programe with SOS mothers’ in the issues of  Biodiversity agricultural threat in food security.  Sensitize Programme on “Food Security intervention; impact of pesticides in environment”. at Lekhnath Municipality with the youths is  the salient success.

GoN apprises us with ample encouragement with Letter of Appreciation for the contribution to the well-being of the community through sustainability-led  Food and  Enviromental resilience Programme.

The story of activism was selected in Success stories of youth related activities within Climate Change, Agriculture and Biodiversity which was hosted by Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD) in June 15-16, 2014.

The team of National Food Activism 2013 would like to thank to all of the sponsors, promoters, and outreach partners for their generous support and  we wish similar type of encouragement and endorsement  in upcoming mega event of National Food Activism 2014.

Ashim Sigdel is a Programme Co-ordinator of National Food Activism-2013, pokhara & research graduate of Food Science and Technology at Tribhuvan University PBP Campus.



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