People and Nature around Ghandrunk..!!

People and Nature around Ghandrunk..!!

Travelling and photography has been my passion since long. when my colleagues planned the trek to Ghandruk I was the Happiest one because ,I  have been hearing about this trek route and Ghandruk village since my childhood day and I always wanted to be there, this time I made my dream came true with my classmates and had a great time. Tour around Bandipur and Pokhara was bonus for me :)

Trek to Ghandruk provided me a good introduction to trekking  and also offered the breathtaking view of sacred mountain Macchapuchhre (fishtail) and Annapurna south.

Ghandrung, now known as Ghandruk is a typical gurung village of Kaski district. Its a popular and short trek destination of Annapurna region from Pokhara.Ghandruk once was a prime place to recurit British Gurkha and Indian army now is the hub for Annaapurna conservation area project (ACAP). This beautiful village with orderly rows of neat slate-roofed houses which are clustered on the canyon wall amid a complicated network of terraces provides opportunity to observe the life style of local people who are very cooperative.

A wander round it will reveal shops tea houses,local people transporting goods from one village to next , innocent children,small farm houses and their families ,donkeys mules, chicken and many more.
here I present some of my photograph which I captured during my trek to Ghandruk.

 The Macchapuchhre (Fishtail Mountain ) In the early morning from Ghandruk



  Neonate Sun from Baraha temple Ghandruk

                                            Slate roofed  Houses at ghandruk

                                     Annapurna south enjoying the sunrays 

                                                               Ghandruk Village

                                              Majority of people in ghandruk follow Buddhism.

                                              This boy was in hurry to meet his friends for school.

                        This is another culturally rich gurung  village called landruk which is opposite to Ghandruk

                                            village girl in ghandruk secretly  watching strangers


                                                        I wanna Play mom  

                             Donkeys and Horses are the main means of transport in Ghandruk

                                           Ex-military man working at his home 

                                                                    Trekkers around 
                                                         Lets take a break

                                  Messi's wedding ;)  

 Villages in Nepal still have the culture of early marriage.This school boy was getting married due to family pressure in ghandruk..
I spent great time exploring ghandruk.. :) If you haven't been there plan your next trip there.. :)

By : Nishant



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