World's largest human national flag

World's largest human national flag

35000+ people attempted successfully for the Guinness World Record by making World's largest human flag of Nepal. Every participant hold a unique card of the color red, white and blue and displayed it over head for around 10 minutes and more which collectively formed the national flag of Nepal, best through an aerial view.

After the confirmation by Guinness World Record officials, celebrating moment recorded by one the participant -+Deepak Shrestha

 Earlier, the largest human national flag consists of 28,957 participants and was achieved by Punjab Youth Festival 2014, organized by Sports Board Punjab at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan on 15 February 2014.

Photo Courtesy - Rawjendra K.C.
Organizer - 
Human Values for Peace and Prosperity, Non-profit organization, committed to strengthen human values, bridging the difference, celebrating and honoring the diversity; all aiming towards peaceful and prosperous society.

Messages this event delivers:
  • We are one under our national flag.
  • Celebrating the " diversity" and uniting the "differences"
  • When we all are together, Nepal is complete
  • Together we stand, divided we fall
Edited from the last update of 16th July post.

Social media updates via attendees 

Anil Keshari Shah - invigilator for the Guinness World Record attempt

Post by Anil Keshari Shah.

During the attempt Rajendra Dulal recording while the record timer is being counted 

Post by Rajendra Dulal.

Also, some photo by him 


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