When do you have an appointment with a psychiatrist?

When do you have an appointment with a psychiatrist?

When I said "I have an appointment with a psychiatrist", my friends gave me a weird look. I have even been in a situation where my friend tried to counsel me saying that every problem can be solved if we talk about it to other people; there's no need to make it a big issue and visit the psychiatrist. I could not resist but laugh. It took me long to convince her that I seriously had no problem then.

This is what one can commonly expect to hear in Nepal. If someone has an appointment  with a psychiatrist, it becomes a big issue and the assumptions range from  suicidal thoughts/attempts to mental illness. Agreeing that the patients of depression and mental illness like bipolarity, split personality disorder etc too visit psychiatrist, psychotherapists in most cases, general people too can arrange a talk with psychiatrist as a counselling session, Actually, we must,

The purpose of an appointment with psychiatrist need not always be illness. Apart from the state of depression or illness, whenever it feels empty or stressed or if you're not being able to make a right decision/choice, you are in need of a psychiatrist. All that I've found them to be doing is make you analyze your problem yourself, look for the possible solutions, compare them and make a right choice, all on your own effort. That sounds pretty useless but makes a great difference. Are you bored or want to have some intellectual talks? Is your life getting monotonous? Take an appointment with a psychiatrist. You won't regret. It will make your day or a week or possibly a month too.

Have you ever been to a psychiatrist? How do you feel about people visiting the psychiatrist? When do you have an appointment with a psychiatrist?



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