Carl and Ellie - The Origami Musical (The Perfect Two - Unplugged Version)

Carl and Ellie - The Origami Musical (The Perfect Two - Unplugged Version)

Saugat Rajbhandari +augast99 .  is finally back with anyone who has been following his Origami art at The Origami Guy facebook page.

Last of one of our blog post by Blogger +Prajjwal Bazracharya on The Origami Guy shares all about his passion on the Origami art. 

Saugat introducing Carl and Ellie on his Origami Musical art
Carl and Ellie being famous characters of animation, Saugat looked into working on his origami on Carl and Ellie as Origami Musical story portraying their love.

Imagine, yourself as Carl and Ellie characters  in the Origami Musical - and you will indeed fascinate yourself of enjoying the moment with Saugat's Origami art whom he and many describe as " The Perfect Two"

Some interesting part are when Ellie says -

#You "Complete" meh! 
Marry Me ?
You + Me puzzle connected together bringing Love in them
Both enjoying their dating moment as well as living together and a lot, ending snap of them getting married and Saugat being witness.

Here's the video for you - 

Secret ( shhhhhh....)  Saugat is soon coming with one of the best Origami's of his own.  So keep tracking and following him on  

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