"Pankha Fijai"- Song Dedicated to Teenagers

"Pankha Fijai"- Song Dedicated to Teenagers

"Always aim to reach the moon because if not moon, you will at least land on the stars. "
To teenagers who aimed really high and want to follow their dream has been discouraged saying we are too small in age to think about it. When we fall at times may be at exams, we are judged saying we have poor future and it's high time we plan to do something thinking for our future.
The very confusing and critical age called teenage is one of the exciting and vital moments of our life. The dreams, aspirations, ambitions, initiation, involvements of teenage has most of the time limited only in school/college or small sections in media and never been in the front cover.
However, recently we could see all nation celebrating the achievements of u-19 football team in SAFF games and yes, it was indeed covered in front cover of all media. Well, this also proves that teenagers can do anything regardless of their age limit.
However, facing and challenging all these perceptions and judgement of the society, we have amazing teenagers doing fantastic works following their passion and their dream.
Here is the song dedicated to teenagers reflecting emotions of teenagers. This song is composed by 19 year old, Aashish Pokharel and female vocal by Alina Prajapati. The video is directed by Shishir Khati and a production by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. to launch in Glocal Teen Hero Award Ceremony. The sole reason for that event is to give teenagers a platform to showcase their talent. 13-19 years old teenagers who have been excelling in any other activities except school, college curriculum are eligible to apply for it.

Everyone in this world is capable of doing something really amazing. This video tries to show an introvert boy who aims to fly and tries something for that aim every single day. He follows his passion no matter what. He wants to fly and he will fly one day for sure.In the video, the story of a teenage boy who want to live his dream.



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