What do you want for your Butta?

What do you want for your Butta?

Creativity has taken over this generation. Right now you can find lots of creative stuffs all around you. With this creative mind comes Butta.

Butta is a platform for art lovers who wants to show their own designs in different apparels.Sabin Bhandari, the co-founder of Threadpaints and Butta along with his team came up with the idea for Butta. He says:

Through Butta we want designers to focus on what they love which is creating art, and let us worry about manufacturing, printing, marketing, logistics and all other back-office works. For their contribution for the design, they get 50% of the profit on each sales of the product.
Designers can choose the product for the design, the colors and even set the sales price of the product themselves.

Before ButtaThreadpaints had been running for over 2 years. With focus on custom-designed T-shirt and hoodies, the demand for self-created designs became evident. Thus, the need for separate custom T-shirt shore gave rise to Butta.

Since Butta is crowd-sourced, anyone can post their designs. However, inappropriate content and copyrighted, copied materials used in the design would be filtered. Designers will post their designs with their choice of the product and it will be available to the public for view and order. The product will only go into production once it has reached 20 pre-orders.

After the devastating Earthquake, Butta has come up with #TshirtsForRelief non-profit campaign which was launched almost 3 months ago with a target of donating 1 crore rupees to PM's Disaster Relief Fund through the sales of the T-shirt. It was launched in a joint-association of companies like Threadpaints, +nLocate , 3H Management, Percoid, HPR Nepal. All the sales of custom-designed T-shirts for Rs. 600 are donation funds.

Mr Bhandari adds:
The whole campaign was voluntary and completely non-profit. Everybody contributed what they could. Similarly, designers contributed their designs. This is where Butta helped bridged the gap between designers and the campaign. Butta acted as a platform for design collection as well as a platform to showcase the T-shirts with the designs.

Currently, Butta is accessible to Nepal only for now but since it is an open platform, they've not ruled out the option for people outside Nepal. The primary focus is to promote local designers and locally-manufactured products. Anyone, who is interested in digital designing and wearing custom-designed products, Butta might be the right place for you.



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