Susmita's animation series on progress

Susmita's animation series on progress

          1st Nepali Woman Summiter to summit 7 Highest Summits of 7 Continents +Susmita Maskey has co-produced ‪' Susmita ' animation series with +Puppeteer Lounge

+Susmita Maskey made conquered the highest mountains of each continent Mount Aconcagua (Argentina) on 13th January 2014, Mount Everest (Nepal) on 22nd May 2008 & 18th may 2011, Mount Elbrus (Russia) on 26th June 2013 , Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) on 5th July 2013, Mount Denali (USA) on 23rd June 2014, Mount Kosciuszko (Australia) on 25th July 2013 and Mount Vinson Massif (Antarctica) on 6th December 2014

Susmita shares shares more about the animation series,
The series is about a dream, a dream that has always been followed with a passion. A passion that has been created by believing in self. A belief that with courage and perseverance every challenge and hurdle can be beaten. It is not only about climbing a mountain, it is a saga of a survivor transforming into a hero. A hero who will translate the transformation into hundreds and thousands of young children. “Susmita”, is committed to educate, aware and empower the children against violence. 
Here's the trailer -

+Susmita Maskey , the first Nepali woman to Climb Seven Summits and the Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism through +Nepal Tourism Board, “Susmita”, is an animation series in planning to create awareness about violence against Children and Women. 

Susmita, being a survivor herself strongly believes the need of discussion of the issue not only in public and elite forum but in households and schools. The animation series is unarguably, the best medium to bring the message to the children. Susmita understands the sensitivity of the issue; hence would be working together with experts to design the series in the best and simplest children perception modality. 

Each episode will highlight different forms of violence done against children and the mechanism to prevent and cope that includes -
  1. Physical Violence
    a. Physical punishment
    b. Domestic violence
    c. Torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment
    d. Harmful traditional practices
  2. Emotional and Verbal Harm
    a. Bullying
    b. Harassment
    c. Psychological punishment
  3. Neglect and Abandonment
    a. Dangerous or hazardous work
    b. Deprivation
  4. Sexual Abuse
    a. Exploitation
    b. Molestation
  5. Death
    a. Infanticide
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