He amazed her; everything about him was perfect. He was “imperfectly perfect”.

Lisa, 20, went abroad for her further studies. She was habituated when it came to staying alone and becoming an independent young woman. She, with two of her friends applied for their undergraduate program together so that it would be easier for all three to adapt abroad.

The first two weeks were quite of a hurdle. The weather was different, lifestyle were different and most of all the people were different. Somehow, they managed and were quite content in their own bubble.

The day they decided to spend one of their Friday nights on a club changed her life. “Ladies night” was much of hype among the girls. Free drinks, greater attention, attractive men and what not? Among the three of them, Lisa was the one and only who was single; all others were in pairs with their own interests.

The little black dress of hers attracted quite a few men (more than what she had expected though). Many men approached her for a dance, but she was way too happy with her vodka. Slowly, the party started to bore her. She had nothing better to do other than fiddle with her phone for no apparent reason. A man, tall and dark, approached her really quietly and made an effort to have a real conversation with her. She knew that the guy wasn’t her type, but there was certain warmth between them that attracted one another.

They left the party and chose to go someplace quiet. He took her for a long drive to the coastal areas where the night breeze and chills would keep any person awake for the whole night. Dave, who was such a gentleman, even offered to help her with her pointed heels. He understood that those heels were killing her really badly and offered his giant flip-flops, which would always be on the back seat of his car. They held hands as they walked along the beach, laughed as if there was no tomorrow and lived at the moment, which would last forever.

The night was even more perfect with the cold breeze. She could see him crystal clear with the moon shining as bright as the sun; he was perfect for sure. She didn’t know him at all, but deep down, she knew, he would never leave her side. She was lost in him. He was not as handsome as how an ideal woman would imagine; but he was just as good enough for her. His soft voice, attractive fragrance, clever style, loveable nature was indeed dreamlike.

When he was done, she was asked to share an unforgettable, funniest incident she could remember of. As she started, he came close to her, showing so much interest in what she had to say. The incident was so hilarious for her it took her so much time to actually finish the story. Just when she reached to the end, he held her chin, covered his cold hands around her face and kissed her on her lips. Once. Twice. He opened his eyes and looked at her; she was ecstatic and he knew she wanted more. He kissed her again; this time it was more real than ever.

That’s when it all began and it was forever. They were in a live-in relationship after a year; just how a family would settle. There were some interesting house rules; whoever would return home early from work would cook for the other person and they would always have dinner together: Just like a family. Of course quite often, disagreements would create tensions but they knew what would make them fall for one another all over again.

Love never took a downturn; rather it grew unconditionally.


Writer: Trisha Dahal 
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