P.S. Zindagi Episode 2 Review

P.S. Zindagi Episode 2 Review

The second episode started off with Juna trying for an audition for experimental dance troupe called “Aina”. It was the first day of college for Kokab. Starting off a new life for both sisters in a foreign city.

As usual, the actors knew what they were doing. And they were exceptional. I have seen people complaining about the sisters(Juna and Kokab) talking in Hindi but I don’t think they realize that most of the Muslim people use Urdu/Hindi in their conversation at the home and even Kokab clearly said Juna lived in India for years. I was expecting more of Krishna’s humor because without his lousy English and self appreciation, the show loses one of its main charm. The plot was moving slowly and each character was getting enough time for themselves which was pretty good.

I didn’t find the episode exciting. It had so many dull moments and unnecessary extra scenes that was only making the episode long without any interesting content. Sound production was awful as well. I don’t know if the sound was of tap water running or the water running from the toilet flush. Also the water boiling sound was disturbingly loud. The volume of background sounds should have been a bit low. The lighting and directions could have been a lot better.

The first episode was interesting to watch and even made me laugh at times. My expectations were high for the second and sadly I was let down. Even though the second episode was unsatisfactory, I will be watching third and fourth and every episode because I have been kinda hooked to it and I want to know what is going to happen next. I want to know who the house owner lady is and what is the full form of JP. Also, the second episode is tilting towards a new romance between Kokab and JP. I think they will look cute together.

Watch the second episode of P.S. Zindagi here:

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