Nowadays Instagram is as addictive as Facebook was a few years back. For me, its way more habit forming than Facebook, ever! In addition, it acts as a prolific means to showcase individual talents to the outer world.
Writing about this article was a random thought process for me as I was just scrolling down my Instagram newsfeed and I just realised that there are so many people out there I can actually contact with and write about them. Then, I promised myself that I would set a specific theme and contact as many people as possible to succeed in my plan. What would be a better theme than “Nepali Talents” themselves?
(I wrote a few questions to ask to these amazing people which would help all of us to get to know them more closely. (I like to call it a mini-interview). Even though a few were quite busy with their work life, they managed to make some time for me! (Thank you all❤ ).
P.S. It took around almost 2 months to gather up anything and everything for this post!
So, I present to you my favourites who indeed possess such amazing talents; mostly, they showcase it with the aid of Instagram and have been successful in stealing and winning the hearts of thousands and thousands of Instagrammers all around the globe!
(The list is in random order!)


Jasmine, 19, is a Fine Arts student currently in Scotland and has around 13k followers on her Instagram. Apart from being a sweet, friendly and kind hearted person, she has her unique beauty and makeup style.
She has gained so much popularity within such a short span of time as she started with her official journey with makeup videos and demonstrations since the beginning of this year!
Inspiration : Since Nepalese are slowly opening up with their beauty and fashion talents, her biggest inspiration was Promise Tamang. She watches a lot of youtube bloggers to learn from them and her overall favourite artist would have to be Huda Beauty.
When asked what she loves about what she does, she answers with a simple yet truthful fact that we can transform ourselves into anyone we want. As Jasmine is an Arts student, makeup is like an art, people can use different colour palettes to show different moods.
Best compliment ever received: “You look beautiful without any makeup”. She takes it as the best confidence booster anyone can receive.
Response to haters: She hasn’t received many such hateful comments, just one or two. She straight deletes the message and instantly blocks the person so that she would not have to face him/her again. They are just not worth it. (Indeed Jasmine, there is no place for  haters, right? *High five*)
Favourite Past time: Painting and Creating Art.
Message to viewers/Fans : Keep doing what you love. I never thought I would be somewhere I am now, having so many followers and inspiring others and getting inspiration in return. Dont let haters bring you down.
Jasmine, I absolutely love the way you go with the flow with your makeup skills. I wish I could be even slightest of what you are! I guess I will have to contact you more often to actually learn how to apply mediocre makeup because honestly, I suck at it!😦
Follow Jasmine at:
Instagram :Jasmine Regmi
Youtube Channel: Jasmine’s Youtube Channel


Sameer, currently residing in Hongkong works as a photographer, videographer and an amazing editor. 3 years ago, he started with his journey through videos and eventually got involved with photography too.
Biggest inspiration : Andrew Kramer.
When asked what he loves most about what he does, he loves the part where he fails, its always a good example to learn from the mistakes  which is one of the only ways to grow ourselves.
Best compliment ever received : His wife, Diipa. She always encourages and supports him with his work and he takes it as a fuel for motivation.
How do you respond to haters? : Sameer says he often receives negative comments. He believes that people’s opinion are rather one-sided and very narrow and just try to express their self-imposed limits on others. Negative comments are just an outcome of a person’s inner dark reflection. He is motivated with the fact that we just need to keep working and one day, we will be counted as their idols.
Favorite Pastime: Listening to audio books and great minds; Learning new things
Message to fans/viewers : Always try to find the new you. Your mind is the biggest treasure you will ever have and its boundaries are limited. Keep learning – you gotta love the process and not just the reward.
Sameer, indeed, is a great influence and a motivator for all the youths out there  who perfectly manages his professional as well as personal life. Many of us often tend to give up once we fail; but Sameer, takes his failure as his biggest inspiration.
Way to go Sameer!
Follow him on:
Instagram : Amazing Joker


With more than 4k followers on instagram, Jason has won the hearts of many people all around the world. For entertainment purposes, his videos are one of a kind and one could relate to his videos quite easily. Once you start with his videos, you could just go with the flow.
He has been making youtube videos since 4 years now, with his first video being a lip-sync video. Its been a little over a year since he has been posting videos on Instagram and Vines.
His inspiration: His brother, because he was into making short animated videos. Since he wasn’t much habituated with VFX, he went with humor.
Favorite Artist: KingBach
When asked what he loves the most about what he does, he mentions “Everything!
Best compliment ever received: There was a girl who lost her grandmother and was really depressed because she was staying abroad and could not attend her grandma’s funeral. One of her friends mentioned Jason’s videos and it helped her overcome her sorrows.
Responding to negative comments: If they feel offended, he tries to clear it up but if they are commenting for no apparent reason, well, he just  – Reads, smiles and Scrolls down!
Favorite Past time: Watching movies and working out.
Message to viewers/fans : Thank you for all your support. Do stick around and don’t unfollow.
Jason, I believe you can spread the love and humor to a wider audience with your handwork and dedication.:)
You should definitely watch his short movie : ASSASSIN!
Follow him on:
Instagram: Lopchan XXL


Bikram, an inspirational photographer, gets his inspiration from the magnificent beauty that lies within the Kathmandu Valley. With around 16k followers on his Instagram, his photography showcases the true beauty our city holds.
He started with photography probably when he was 10 or 11. His mother bought him a small film camera which he would carry with him while travelling. Since he was a kid, he would change a lot of hobbies, so it didn’t last for long. At the age of 18, he saved up enough money to own a digital camera of his own. He owned a DSLR when he was 20.
It was just a hobby for him until the day he got a paid gig for an event hosted by the college he studied at.
He follows and admires the work of Steve Mccurry, Chase Jarvis and Trey Ratcliff. He learnt everything online and didn’t take any professional classes.
He loves the fact that he completely works for himself and dwells according to the beauty nature provides. He is his own boss and with photography, independence is the biggest advantage!
Biggest compliment : One of his Instagram connections sent him a message which quoted
“I have never been to Nepal, but after seeing your pictures I feel like I live there!”
Response to Haters: He doesnt give much thought about what haters have to say. There will always be a decent amount of haters no matter what you do.
Favourite pastime: Photography, for sure.
Message to viewers/fans: Don’t be afraid. Fear is the enemy of creativity. Be bold and express yourself.
Bikram, your photography has been appreciated by so many people throughout and I believe with this talent, you can go all the way to the top!
Follow him on:
Instagram: Bikram Pratap Singh


I believe Ayush doesn’t need any introduction. With over 25k followers on Instagram, over 43k subscribers on youtube, everyone loves him and his work.
Once you start with this youtube channel, there is no stopping. One video, then another, you will watch it all!
Follow him on:
Instagram : AYZRIM


Masna,20, who lives in UK, is an amazing make up artist with over 18k followers on Instagram. Along with her pretty face, her makeup skills are exceptionally phenomenal. You could even use the code ” MASNAX” for a 10% off with purchase of Contour Cosmetics.
At such a young age, she has accomplished so much and for sure is an inspiration to so many youngsters. Makeup is an art; not everyone can do it; which is why these amazing talents are always ready to help us with our problems and issues.
Masna is such a kind hearted and a lovely person, she would be a great mentor for all of us and I am sure we would learn so much more from her.
Follow her on:
Instagram : Makeup by MasnaX
Youtube Channel: Masna’s Youtube Channel
Enquiries :

It felt truly incredible to meet such random strangers, get to know about their journey till date and how they took inspiration from the well established ones and in return, have inspired loads of others. I specifically searched for Nepali talents because not many people are aware of the fact that Nepali people are out there, influencing and motivating us to be a better version of who we are and what we want to achieve. Thank you all for being a part of my post and I hope citizens of our country open up more and come up with what they have, a true gift that they posses within them.
One love <3

Writer: Trisha Dahal 
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