Aussie's in Nepal - A visit to ICA'S Women and Children's Learning Center

Aussie's in Nepal - A visit to ICA'S Women and Children's Learning Center

 We are students studying social work from
Australia. Our names are Sarah and Kaitlyn :) We were lucky enough to visit the Women and Children’s Learning Center in Changunarayan a couple of weeks ago. The center was built in partnership with ICA Japan and is designed to be a place where women and children can come for training, education and recreation. After a scenic drive through Kathmandu valley we were greeted by a crowd of excited children and thrown into a session of furious beading and necklace making. We had a lovely time playing with the children at the center. Together we played energetic games of tag, drawing and reading. While we were at the center the staffs were working on building a library for children and teens. This library will mean that visitors to the center will be able to borrow books to read, as well as be read too at the center, in both English and Nepalese. One of the exciting projects being run through the Women and Children’s Learning Center is the production of low cost sanitary napkins. The aims of this program are two-fold. Access to affordable sanitary napkins can be difficult for many women and this program aims to increase accessibly for women. This program also aims to build women’s economic empowerment, giving women access to industry through the production and sale of the sanitary napkins, called “Surakhshya Pads”. We were lucky to have a tour of the workshop where the pads were made. After visiting the women and children’s learning center, we also visited an economic empowerment project for women nearby that makes Champak Candy - yum! This project offer training for women to produce the candy and sells it in nearby shops. Overall, it was a lovely day meeting friendly people!


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