Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Nepal

Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Nepal

ICA Nepal got the opportunity to host the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) this year. The meeting was held from 29 October
to 3 November, 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The participants from Australia, Japan,Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, UK and USA participated representing their countries. On the first 3 days which was called Pre-APRM, ToP training on Facilitating Client Collaboration was facilitated by Mr.Lawrence Philbrook. Dialogue on ToP in Asia was focused on regional and global collaboration. This 3 day training was done by dividing participants in 3 different groups.bit different from past ones. The whole APRS was based on 3 thematic dialogues and all were observed and discussed on their respective project sites. Three thematic dialogues were Community Education, Community Governance and Leadership and Community Resilience (Climate change and Disaster Recovery).
For Community Education two schools of Bungmati were selected, Tri Ratna Cooperative School and Chunni Devi Basic Level School. After the observation of both schools, challenges, issues, and suggestions were drawn.
For Community Governance and Leadership, participants visited Changunarayan Women and Children Learning Center, Changunarayan. Here groups were made along with women of learning center and strength, challenges and action were drawn after group discussions.
For Community Resilience, climate change dialogues were carried out with the Creative Women Group at Banepa. Similarly, effects, challenges and actions of climate change were drawn after group discussions.
Overall the APRS went really well and it also discussed about the sustainability of ICAs. APRM, 2017 has been a memorable event in terms of thematic dialogue, project sites visits, interaction with communities and active participation from all.

After Pre APRM, there happened APRM which was later recommended to call Asia Pacific Regional Seminar (APRS) by Mr. Tatwa Timsina. This year APRS was



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