[Interview | A/Video ] LGBTI themed Dance performance at Astitwa2 by SilverMountainSHM Nepal Students

[Interview | A/Video ] LGBTI themed Dance performance at Astitwa2 by SilverMountainSHM Nepal Students

Let Our Vibes Entangle LOVE for Gaurav Kandel 

LOVE for me is Let Our Vibes Entangle. And that's what i could see in the LGBTI themed Dance performance by Silver Mountain School Of Hotel Management Student at Himalaya Events presents Astitwa2 Inter College Theme Dance Competition which will be aired later at Himalaya TV. 

Dress in a white t-shirt with a rainbow striped Love printed and black trousers, a lesbian couple love and a gay couple love story is narrated , " Feel her warmth, i feel good i feel safe - My lover is a man and when i hold him i feel his warmth, i feel safe " and plays the song Say You Won't Let Go by Famous British Singer Songwriter James Arthur where the lesbian and gay couple portrayed express their love for each other through the dance performance and suddenly at one time it stops. The lights tremble and the sound yells " Yestai Hun Afno Ijjat ko sath sath ma samaj ko ijjat falirahechan" ( These are the ones who don't care of their own prestige and are messing up the societal's prestige as well) and shows the hate crime that the society has been doing that with Lesbian and Gay Couples. And one of the Society Homophobic character screams and yells at one of the Gay portrayed character " Ta ke garira, yo keta sanga maya garera - Laaj chaina Samaaj le ke Vanla" ( What are you doing making love to a man without any shyness & fear about what Society may say or think ) and drags the gay character on the floor and trying to compel him to marry a girl. Just when he has handed over a garland and insisted to put the garland over the girl pauses and freeze. The Gay characters emotions and feelings are depicted and his love for the other guy replicating that it may go in vain through a musical performance continued by the Lesbian characters emotions and feelings for her love to the other girl she has been and expresses that with her performance and later jumps and cuddles her from the back but again replicating that too may go in  vain. And as the society compels and forces them to marry as a Man to a Women and smash them down. The sufferings and pain are depicted by other gay and lesbian characters come and share their love in all those sorrows - dims the light. A black dressed top with a grey legging a blonded wig hair enters a trans women character and plays Popular Australian Singer Songwriter Sia's The Greatest and she/they motivates both the gay and lesbian couple character asking them Don't Give Up and all of them express their courage and dance together. Later there it again shows the hate crime by the homophobic society characters discriminating as a SHAME and harassing a trans women but the trans doesn't gives up,  she/ they cries but she/ they sees herself/ themselves on the mirror and expresses on fighting back with the society flaunting the rainbow LGBTI flag all over. By the end, there are allies who join together from the society and raise a slogan, "Born Normal, Labeled by Society" 

Silver Mountain's BHM 1st Semester students Srijal Manandhar and Ashipal Khatri portrayed the role of Gay couple whereas BHM 3rd Semester students Sumiti Bajracharya and Samana Sherchan portrayed the role of Lesbian couple & Anish Tamang as the role of Trans. Satish Tamrakar, Rosis Maharjan and Adarsh KC portrayed the role of Society on the dance performance choreographed by the performers Srijal and Sumiti themselves. With lots of the support from the audience with standing ovations and love showered even all the three judges - Actress & Model Jyotsna Yogi, Former Miss Nepal Sugarika KC, Choreographer Prashant Tamang loved the performance and that made the performers SilverMountainSHM's win the Second Prize with Nepali Rupees 50 Thousand as Cash Prize. While, Orchid International College BASW students bagged the First Prize with Nepali Rupees 75 Thousand as Cash Prize.

Interacting after the performance to Robin Jha, Coordinator of Silver Mountain School Of Hotel Management on how he felt about the performance by his students 
"Gender stereotypes are set by society. Normality is also a stereotype. Anyone who is different comes across as challenge and the stereotype is questioned. So rather than looking with open rationale, society wants to suppress the difference. I personally am proud of our SilverMountain Kids today, they tastefully presented a thought provoking act, which I truly believe is on its own definition of ASTISTWA "

Interviewing to one of the performers Anish Tamang, here is what he has to say - 

At the end, 

Let's Love and share our support for everyone. 

Spread Smiles :)

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