GlobalShapers Kathmandu Hub successfully organized ShapeTalks on 4IR - Technological Impact & Data Security

GlobalShapers Kathmandu Hub successfully organized ShapeTalks on 4IR - Technological Impact & Data Security

The global economy is on the brink of a Fourth Industrial Revolution – defined by evolving technological trends that has the potential to change life of people all over the world. The digital revolution enabled us to get connected through digital platforms and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the same advancements to bring together digital, physical and biological systems. Automation and Artificial Intelligence brings in endless possibilities in what can be done. 

As young professionals, it might be worth thinking how the future might be shaped with the flourishing technology. Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub successfully organized the first of the Shape Talks series on The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Technological Impact & Data Security was held on 29 June, 2018 at the premises of Karkhana, Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It triggered discussions on the changes being brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and discussed on primarily the two areas - jobs/skills and privacy. The panelist - Narayan Koirala, MD at Eminence Ways, Princi Koirala, CMO at Tootle and Ankur Agrawal, Co- Founder & CEO at Aakash Tech Pvt Ltd; with their experience from their respective field of work engaged in an enticing discussion on how we redesign jobs and plan reskilling approaches. The sessions also included how we, as users can be aware about the digitization trend.

Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub had earlier organized World Youth Forum on Ethics in Business, Shaping Davos, Hamro Jatra as public events and mostly engaged in its projects currently on Youth Skills Development & Mentorship, Education, Health & Hygiene, Sanitation, Dialogue and Advocacy including others. It plans to organize Shape Talks series and you can be updated on their upcoming events from their official facebook page 

Watch the full video here of the 1st Shape Talks series - 

Here's a short LIVE video by Gaurav Kandel from the event  -



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