An artist enjoys splashing colours in a blank canvas to portray his thoughts. But this young teenager is inspired to share this artistic quality in order to groom the creative skills of youths. Rhythm Sah is a 17 year old teenager who is really passionate about sketching and wants to work in the field of Visual Effects (VFX) in future.He has also been running a non-profit workshop on sketching and drawing. He is planning to take this to a whole new level by registering it officially and taking the idea of interactive learning further. Currently he is conducting workshops in different government schools in Nepal to empower the youths.
Starting of his journey
On enquiring about the start of his journey, Rhythm quoted,”Well in our classes, there used to be a tendency where teachers actually didn’t bother to quench our thirst of curiosity. When we used to ask them about the topic that we didn’t understand, our teachers used to simply reply, Just rote! The more you mug up, the more marks you will get. And seriously many of my classmates did the same”.  But he opines that is not the real learning. “If we do something practically, we can understand better and simultaneously explain it better. So then I decided to start the workshop where I can share my perception about practical knowledge. Immediately after completing my SEE exam, I started visiting various schools and started conducting different non profit workshops”, he further said.  
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