A 18 year old boy who describes himself as a leader and an optimist, Yatish Ojha is a child right activist who has been working to make child friendly local governance. He is motivating youth in social service and also making them engage in productive and creative works.
Yatish completed his high school from Damak Multiple Campus, Damak in science faculty. He is the current President of Kamal Rural Municipality Level Child Network as well as the Secretary of Human Action for Mutual Integrity (HAMI), a non-profit social organization. He has been working to make child friendly local governance by creating awareness among children, parents, teachers, elected representatives and other stakeholders. He is also active in social works under HAMI which was recently established to encourage youth in social service. He is also a member of Damak Public Library Youth Team, which is established in order to increase reading culture in youths and children. He has established a child club in Damak Public Library to engage children in reading books out of academics too.
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