Call for Participation on IYETC 2019

Call for Participation on IYETC 2019

Introduction of Internal YET Conference

Internal YET Conference is a conference on Youth, Entrepreneurship and Technology. If you are a young Entrepreneur with a business idea using technology this conference can be the right platform for you. The conference is all about providing awareness among the youth. This can be your chance to showcase your enthusiasm with technology and how you are planning to utilize it to become a successful entrepreneur. If you feel you are the youth who wants to take part in the nation building, this conference can be the right platform for you. The motto of this conference is:

"Joining Youth with Entrepreneurship and Technology"

This conference can be beneficial for you to increase your network among big entrepreneur, young achiever and great leaders who are contributing to building the nation. You can also meet a number of the fellow young entrepreneur and know about their stories. The internal YET Conference is scheduled to take place on 1st June 2019.

Benefits of attending the event

The conference is all about inspiring young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are looking for the right platform to showcase their ability. If you feel you have the idea and innovation that can change the traditional way of doing business you are welcome to attend the event. Some of the benefits are highlighted below to make you interested in the event.
  • Connect with big corporate leaders and fellow youths of a similar field.
  • Network with Entrepreneurs and Like Minded People.
  • Learn about the ways of developing entrepreneurship and technology in Nepal.
  • Get knowledge on new updated opportunities in the prevailing sectors.
  • Foster the ideas regarding Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Youths, and Tourism.
  • Grow the reach of yourself.
  • Get to know your potential.
There are numerous other benefits that you can grab by attending the event. You can listen to the inspiring stories of a fellow entrepreneur and learn from them. There is always the possibility for you to learn something new that can be life changing sometimes.

Eligibilities to attend the conference

The organizers have kept some basic eligibilities in order to get yourself registered in the event. You can participate in the event if you are a youth with an interest in Entrepreneurship and Technology. The age criteria for you to be eligible to participate in the conference is between 13 and 25 years old. Above all the criteria we believe your personal interest is the most influential and motivating factor to attend such events.

Registration process for the event

The application process for the event is very simple. All you need to do is go through this link and get registered yourself ( Once the registration is completed, the organizers will follow up with you within 48 hours. Since the volume of registration is very high and very limited seats are available only limited applications will be selected for the event. Please note the deadline for the application is 26 May 2019.


The internal YET conference is an opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity to showcase their skill. You can utilize this platform to know the latest development in the field of technology and how it can be used for upgrading your business. This will be your opportunity to meet the industry leaders and develop your network. You can use the event as a platform to understand the relationship between technology and entrepreneurship.



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