Work From Home: Low maintenance girl edition

Work From Home: Low maintenance girl edition

What day is today? I don’t remember.

Welcome to lockdown from the POV of Low maintenance girl!

You know, lock down is going great! I eat as much as I want, I can sleep as long as I want, I can do WHATEVER, keeping myself inside my room!

And mind you, I have not stepped a toe outside my room, I am very very into this quarantine thing!

But the best part about the quarantine is Work from Home! You heard it, I love working from home. That simply means I can work in my tracksuit; do they even call them that? Who cares!

Dressing up has always been a task for me, something I don't want to invest much time in. I just pick up the things lying in front of me, slide them on and done! I really think I look great in them which clearly confirms my poor fashion sense….

I suck at it, okay! I admit it; but you can't also overlook the speed in which I dress up.

Seven minutes, that’s all it takes!

But you know, when you start working, you can't afford to suck, because you got a personality to carry. Yes, you need to create a personality for yourself, big chunk how you dress up! I was struggling to keep up, keeping up to look nice. I am clearly okay with how I look even if it means that people around me start ignoring me.

Then the pandemic happened.  I was really scared, COVID-19 is not to be taken lightly you know. It actually gave me anxiety which made my sense of style go from bad to unbearable. Finally the government announced the lockdown; I am home now, actually working from home now, which means no more spending time in thinking what to wear, thinking if the shoe matches my jeans or if I am over doing the entire look!

I can just relax. Such a relief!

- Sajja Singh



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