The Power of Dream - Sarita Gurung, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

The Power of Dream - Sarita Gurung, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar-CANSHIP

Dreams, Picture courtesy: Next Avenue

Everyone says time and situation has changed the way you live. Similarly, Ram's life has also drastically changed by that particular incident. Ram comes from a poor family living in village. 

One day, the teacher asked student about their aim. Some said they wanted to become doctor, while others say, they wanted to be pilot, nurse and teachers. Unlike others, Ram said, " I want to become a successful business man and want to own five companies." Listening to this, the teacher laughed at him and said, "are you joking? You have no rights to see dreams like that. You cannot do anything, as you are poor." This statement of the teacher, filled Ram's eyes with tears and finds his dream challenging. He thought he has to work hard and prove his teacher wrong some day. The words strike in his heart, and he starts working very hard and starts studying sincerely. 

Years pass, an old man announces the name of a business owner of five companies. When the business man comes to the stage, he greets the old man with respect and says, "Sir, have you recognized me? I am your student, Ram." The old man replies, "I am glad to see you here. How did you become a successful businessman?" Ram replies, "One day, you told me that I was poor and can do nothing but see. I worked hard to change this very fate of mine and worked really hard, hard enough that I currently own five companies. Everyday, that incident would kill me, but with time I realized the words were not my weakness, they were my strengths. Thank you, I am here because your words inspired me to work hard and more sincerely. Thank you pulled me."

Moral: Everyone who has ability and are hardworking can get success. 

Written By: Sarita Gurung, Canopy Nepal Excellence Scholar (Guheshwari Boarding High School)
Edited By: Pransu Khakurel (Canopy Nepal)



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