Scholar Highlight: Neha Rauniyar, Canopy Nepal Scholarship Programs-CANSHIP

Scholar Highlight: Neha Rauniyar, Canopy Nepal Scholarship Programs-CANSHIP

“The first step to making the world a better place is by helping others.” With this motto in my life, I aspire to help everyone. This is the dictum of one of our scholars at Canopy Nepal Scholarship Project, Neha Rauniyar is a 14-year-old grade 8 student at Kanti Ishwori Rajyalaxmi School. Neha is a soft-spoken person and has a shy personality. Her smile reflects sincereness and genuineness.

She has a good interest in her studies and likes to learn to cure her curiosity. Her well-liked subjects are Nepali and Maths. She loves to read and relate to the stories, poems she learns in her Nepali class. She has a determined personality, due to which she likes to solve and reach to the depth of any problems, she likes to do calculations of Maths. This portrays that she never gives up and tries her level best to reach the solutions of any problems she faces. However, she does have a lot of difficulty in learning English, which she is trying to improve. 

She is determined to be a doctor in the future. As mentioned already she loves helping people in need, she believes that a doctor is a server who not only serves people but brings happiness in their lives. Assisting and supporting anyone in need makes me feel happy. She mentioned that she always motivates herself by recollecting all the memories where she has ever helped someone. “I wish to be like a hand for a toddler to walk, a back for teenagers to carry their school bag, a laptop for an adult to work, and a stick for elder people to support.” She expresses her wish. Considering this as her major strength, she also realizes her weakness which is being too sensitive and emotional easily. Being sensitive or expressing emotions is not considered to be bad but one should always learn to be strong and face every situation bravely.

She is equally grateful to Canopy Nepal Scholarship Project and her family for supporting and taking care of her till now. She appreciates how her family understands and respects her sensitive personality. She also mentioned that they provide suggestions on how to control it. She also adds that Canopy Nepal Scholarship Project has provided her with all the resources and support required. 

“I want to be like an apple, that not only keeps the doctors away but problems away from everyone. I want to be the apple that not only hits problems hard enough but makes sure that it never returns any time soon. Therefore, I believe in the ability to help others.”

Author: Sudikshya Karki



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