The Mysterious Door

The Mysterious Door

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It was a cold day with no flowers and birds, almost like a graveyard. But I didn't care. I was day-dreaming as usual. My mom shouted because I was already late for school. I had been staring at the window for almost an hour. 

When I reached school, I got punished for being late. I had no friends because they thought I looked like a ghost. I  had pale skin and black eyes and I was always dressed in black. 

Back home, my parents were busy with some work and it was then that I found a black cat with its green eyes and glowing long-tail staring at me as if it was trying to show me something. I did not think it of as anything weird so I didn’t bother about it. But the cat started making a noise like that of a creaking door. I went up to the cat as if it wanted me to follow. Stupidly I followed it to the woods and there it showed me a mysterious door out of nowhere. The door was just there in the woods; it was rusty, archaic and  I could not open it. It had a lock and at that very moment, I heard a weird, scary noise. I was petrified so I ran to tell my parents. When I told them, they turned pale and asked me never to go there. But I was curious enough to give it a try one more time. 

On a full moon night, I went back there and tried opening it several times but failed. I thought of giving it up, but suddenly the door opened and a dark figure came out. I got scared and hid behind the bushes. I could see blood dripping from the shadow’s face as it gobbled up a deer. I was horrified by the sight of it but I tried to keep calm but it didn’t work. When I tried to run away I happened to step on a thin branch. It made a loud noise and the dark figure came close to me and right before it came more closer beam sunlight came and the dark figure ran into the darkness. 

After a period of time, I forgot about it and did not tell my parents. I wanted to but I could not.

After a long time, news spread about a dark figure killing people. When I heard the news I got terrified but when my parents heard the news they got pale and had a terrified look on their faces. They then asked me to stay home and left. 

After a few hours, I went out and there in the woods I saw my parents. I followed them and saw them enter through the mysterious door. Out of curiosity, I entered the door as well. As soon as I entered the door I could see that the whole world inside was different from the outside. I overheard them talk about some demon and I realized the incident that happened in the woods. So it struck my mind maybe it was my fault so I had to end it. I had a plan to destroy the demon by letting it chase me. I knew it would get burnt in the sunlight so I let it chase me until the demon was dead. 

Later my parents realized what had happened and told me that I was a vampire and this was the reason why I had pale skin. I was mad at them first but now I’m used to it and today I’m living as a vampire.

Written by: Abha Shrestha (Shankari School)
Facilitator: Monal Bhattarai (Canopy Nepal)

Abha Shrestha is a participant of Digital Katha Bunaun Session for Shankari School.

Canopy Nepal is a team of visionary youths working in the field of education, skill and leadership development, diversity, and inclusion. Canopy Nepal works in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve the targets of empowering the organizations’ beneficiaries with skills they need to bring about positive change in the community. Canopy Nepal aims at creating an environment where individuals have a choice to equip themselves with skills and abilities of lifetime importance. The organization intends to promote intercultural understanding among diverse groups by means of various programs



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