24 hours left to join the 2012 LEAD Program: Apply NOW!

24 hours left to join the 2012 LEAD Program: Apply NOW!

Women LEAD Nepal
Women LEAD believes the future depends on talented, visionary women and girls working in key leadership positions alongside men. We provide young women with the personal and professional skills needed to pursue their vision for change. Our programs equip participants to assume leadership positions now in their schools and communities, and in their future careers.  

The LEAD Program (August 2012 – July 2013)
Women LEAD Nepal's unique year-long LEAD program provides an intensive learning experience that centers on experiential learning, social activism and personal growth. The LEAD year launches with a two-week Leadership Institute (August 5-18) where participants gain knowledge on issues like women’s rights and develop professional skills like public speaking. Following the Leadership Institute, participants are paired with mentors for the year (who they meet with monthly) and join a six-month activism track (leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy or development) based on their interests and career goals. For more information, check out www.women-lead.org.

The total cost of the LEAD program is Nrs. 3,000 (250/- per month). However, do not let financial concerns stop you from applying - there are partial and full scholarships available to outstanding applicants who need financial assistance. We are committed to ensuring that the best applicants participate in the LEAD program regardless of their financial situation. Scholarship forms will be available at the interview stage of the application process.

What should I expect from my LEAD year?

·       Meet a dynamic group of 30 young women leaders just like you
·       Share your own thoughts and ideas- and then make them a reality
·       Meet amazing women who will teach and mentor you 
·       Lead change through the activism tracks
·       Join the LEAD community of young women leaders around the world

"The LEAD program is the beginning of your self-development process and an eye opener that inspires you to make your society better." -2010 LEAD participant.

Who should apply?
This is an equal opportunity program- young women from all castes, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply.

1.     Nepali female student entering class 12.
2.     Comfortable communicating in English and Nepali (both written and spoken).
3.     Able to attend LEAD programs from 12pm to 5pm on weekdays.
4.     Committed to fully participating in all aspects of the LEAD program for the entire year.
The Application Process
As the LEAD program lasts for an entire year, we have a two-part application process- a written application and an interview- to ensure we select the most passionate, committed and amazing 30 young women in Kathmandu! The final deadline for applications is 11:59pm on Saturday, 30 June

The application available online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2012leadapplication. If you have any questions about the LEAD program or the application process, call 9818.553.355 or email us at info@women-lead.org.

The LEAD program is a chance for you to explore your own identity as a leader and as a young woman. Congratulations, submitting this application is your first step towards self-identifying as a leader. We hope you will join Women LEAD’s extraordinary community of young women to change the world!



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