Going through the ‘Highway’ way

Going through the ‘Highway’ way

Ooh-La-la! Yes! I am happy… I am happy because like all you guys, I have witnessed and felt more improvement, advancement and popularity of our own Nepali movies… :-)

Such movies are different from the ‘regular’ Nepali movies. The list has the latest ‘Highway’ and I’m sure more are to continue! Oh no, I feel like jackass by writing this thing just now, after a week or so I saw the movie :-/ But it’s never late for good!

I am not trying to be a critic; I am a simple well-wisher of Nepali movies. The connection of the sub-plots and characters in the movie ‘Highway’ reminded me of some of my best movies in Bollywood. I got to see that style in a Nepali movie and thus Highway became successful to get my eyes stuck literally to the theater screen. It should be the first Nepali movie to portray its major lead as a homosexual character. Besides, other characters and their stories were also touching.

The whole movie actually seems so close to Nepalese heart. The main plot, the situation at the highway during any bandh, is so well presented. The movie’s presentation surely has Nepali feelings and some bitter truths. Hats off to the makers and actors of Highway!

I know that the film got mixed reviews from audience and media. But I believe some criticisms seemed so unfair. Some said that the movie should have been a documentary. Here’s a practice of claiming every off-beat cinema that it should have been a documentary film. C'mon man! It's not wise to expect 'dhisyoo-dhisyoo' in every movie. That might have also happened due to the short (approx) 80 mins length of the movie. It’s not mandatory that any Nepali movie be 2.5-3 hours long, following the stereotype. If Hollywood movies can be that short, so can ours too.

Like I have written (I mean typed) somewhere above, I am not trying to be a film critic. So, you see, not gonna end this article with a 3/4/5 star review. Lol! The movie really deserves to have been screened at an international film festival. Ignore if you have heard negativities of the movie. Go for it! Highway is a must-watch…

           Nikesh Thapaliya

Nikesh is a world record winner for memorizing capitals of 215 countries and reciting/writing the US States the fastest with respective capitals. He is the first Nepali to make it to the very popular US based world record site RecordSetter.

He has been a freelance writer and UN Volunteer too. Apart from promoting the tour to the Himalayas, he also works as the Communications Officer at an NGO named Sambhav Nepal Foundation



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