Numberphile showcases NEPAL

Numberphile showcases NEPAL

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Number Phile was launched on one of the interesting dates of the year i.e. 11/11/11 (11th November, 2011 - Friday) with its YouTube channel dedicated entirely to numbers. Youtube is dedicating for this amazing channel and for the first time it is investing money in original content with $100m into this challenge to the TV industry, which will involve another 99 channels besides numberphile. 

Numberphile produced by the video journalist Brady Haran, who also makes the excellent Periodic Videos covering chemistry topics and Sixty Symbols covering physics. From January 2012 numberphile started producing two videos a week afters it success in short period of time almost reaching to a lakh ( Currently,96,285 subscribers)

"Each video will be about a number," says James Grime, one of numberphile's presenters, who already has his own YouTube channel and also runs our sister project Enigma. "The potentially infinite series of videos will include programmes on how the number 11 helps your CD to play, how the square root of 2 is used to make paper, and why the number 20 is called God's number".

It's great to see maths feature in YouTube's offensive on the broadcasting world. "It is exciting to see that YouTube have commissioned a broad range of channels, including channels like numberphile, among the other entertainment and sports channels," says Grime. "I think it reflects the broad range of interests people who use YouTube have."

If you want to be part of numberphile right now , visit its YouTube page and subscribe. And for those who can't wait, here's a teaser:

Brady Haran at Everest

Brady Haran the person behind Numberphile was on his holiday to Nepal for his wish come true to reach Mt Everest. He shares his 3rd May video on the height of the mountain Mount Everest - Shared below

Some of Brady's photos of his trip to Mount Everest (Sagarmatha as we call it ) are here 

You can find others on his blog :


Here is the Video on 3rd May video of Numberphile on the height of the mountain,Mount Everest .

One of the recent video from Numberphile was on 3rd August The Most Mathematical Flag - NumberphileThey used the constitution of Nepal to re-create its distinctive, double-triangular flag. Nepal has never won a full Olympic medal (though it once picked up bronze in an exhibition sport!)

Try it yourself for drawing the most mathematical flag - Flag of Nepal using these instructions:

The final sketch by James is on Flickr

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Featuring Dr James Grime, on the 3rd August of NumberphileJames Grime is mathematician and public speaker on behalf of the Millennium Mathematics Project from the University of Cambridge.

When not talking to Numberphile, he runs his own YouTube channel called singingbanana.


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