Guitar Maestro 2 - new talents new hope and new destination

Guitar Maestro 2 - new talents new hope and new destination

Opportunities knocks the door of those who are prepared.If you are determined in your passion , you can struggle every pain in your way and live for it.You will be able to convince those people who are against you or sacrifice your happiness.Guitar Maestro 2-guitarist TV reality show is one of those opportunity to guitarist who want to extend their horizon in life as a renowned Guitarist.As we say don't just live a life, make it large.This reality show is organized first time in world TV history.The winner gets  100000/- with a UK made guitar.The participants in  this show have a great zeal, passion and enthusiasm in music and playing guitar.Everyone have their own story of struggle and sacrifice.

One of the participant in Guitar Maestro 2 ,named Yogen Gorkhali who has been playing guitar since 15 years had a view that if we are enthusiastic and have strong determination ,no one can stop us in fulfilling our dream.Another participant named Kaanchu had different story who choose to play guitar and live with music than to stay with their family. This proves  Guitar Maestro 2 as a key to open door of success to those who have lost their way or who are on the way.Female participants was hardly present in the Kathmandu audition at Cube the Club which was very disappointing but at least some were present.It is good news that Guitar Maestro 2 is national level competition of guitarist in  Nepal which will later compete in worldwide competition of Guitar Maestro from different countries.

These types of program will contribute to show many hidden talents in Nepal which will not only increase the level of competition but also develop new creation of music and may hold incredible records in the history of music and reality shows.Music connects people in an emotional way and reflect the way one approach their life.If these type of reality shows and international level of competition could be a platform to explore the talents, many lives could be uplifted. 

Alina Prajapati loves to sing as well as writes in different music and social issues.She have a view that if you have talent in music do not hesitate to show it.Grab every opportunity in your way and always be prepared for it. you will never know how and when luck leads you..She also thinks that Guitar Maestro 2 is one of those golden opportunity.



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