Pondering into the horizon, YAAD AAYO SABAI

Pondering into the horizon, YAAD AAYO SABAI

Yaad Aayo Sabai has got released today amidst the gathering of Rotary Club of Dillibazar- Kathmandu  with some foreign friends from Australia too. Yaad Aayo Sabai's vocalist/ lyricist/musician Mochan Bhattarai and Rtn. Dr. Udaya Raj Sharma launched the song jointly among the gathering and also made it public world widely on the web world along with on the media itself. Appreciating and acknowledging the fact of being a Rotaract and also being actively into social service Mochan wanted the song to be released from his Rotaract and Rotary.

Mochan Bhattarai after launching and releasing the song has wrote about the song on his own words from his blog Pondering Horizonwww.ponderinghorizon.blogspot.com 

Yaad Aayo Sabai is the song which tries to portray the best teenage days. The song tries to catch the nostalgic mood of a person and reflect him his past days. Those days, when things were not much serious and everything seemed to be going well. The main emotion behind the song is that nostalgic mood. When lost in the wheel of life all of a sudden the character of the song realizes that things are not going well. Then he remembers his old days and tries to cherish himself for the things done and moments lived. 

In the mid night as he encounters insomnia, he takes his entire memories boxes and tries to go through them. While going through it, he recalls his past days. A flashback of past activities start to spin through his eyes and he gets lost in the memories as he gets drowned in the pool of best moments.

Good times, first love, hangouts, music and other things make him feel better and finally he gets cherished. The memories drives him to the different mood and encompasses positivity around him.  In one liner, the song has tried to be in line with the though, which says that “life is just like the snow and its all aspect needs to be enjoyed before it melts down”. 

Sketches and animations have been used to showcase the state of the character and his emotions.

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While, View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - didn't leave him alone and grabbed Mochan Bhattarai for a short chit-chat gossip to share with you

  • Mochan, Congratulations on your launch of the song "Yaad Aayo Sabai". Can you share about yourself to our readers?

    That's a big question that i am asking myself. As the answer could  be reflected to my change of the blog name from Mochan Bhattarai to Pondering Horizon as i believe in being true to myself and being within and Pondering into horizon is a mirror to me. So, may be sooner or now i might be knowing soon about myself after pondering into horizon of the midst of the ocean and skies of  knowledge.

    While, i am professionally into enterprise development and corporate social responsibility though i did my Msc. in Environmental Management.As my learning and the profession i am carrying out linking myself to both and similarly is what now the Pondering into horizon has now let Mochan Bhattarai brought up here. :)
  • When did you start going deep into music ?

    Back in 2061 B.S. was when i performed for the first time in the stage and indeed its been 8 years by now when i wasn't into music but there and then i had thought of learning music so just 9 months back in December,2011 i started learning music and more over going deep into Classical Music . While, i love listening to slow rock and Sufi songs.
  • Ok, lets talk about your song now, what made you come up with sketches in the visuals ?

    When i was like finished with my lyrics, it had always pondered in my mind about my memories and you know, all these memories when its passes through and has been a past for you then you always recall them as sweet memories whether or not it were wonderful ones or awkward ones. So, generally these memories are sweet for you and that made me portray these emotions and feelings of the moments into more in sketches than in footage and i am glad one of my colleagues Mangal Day dreamer has articulated as i wondered.
  • So, as we heard you that you will be moreover sharing your songs from your blog Pondering Horizons. Why did you come up with Pondering Horizon itself and is Yaad Aayo Sabai related to it as well ?

    Pondering horizon came into me when once i was in a leisure and all these spiritual concepts and the hindu and buddhist flags that you normally see in the cultural festivals and others where just pondering in the horizon. And, this was like so wonderful like i was deep in the ocean and skies of knowledge.

    Yes, you know when we grow up we get showered and scattered with several thoughts which normally get into hurdles of our life. All these silly moments though being silly and awkward ones later cherish you.

    There and then, i always have a tagline 

    Life is like an ice, we must enjoy before it melts.

    And, indeed these moments are into my lyrics.
  • Thanks a lot for this great chit-chat with you Mochan and we are glad here at View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - for being as Supporting Partners as of your wish. We share you best wishes for your song along with from all of us here and from all our world wide team.
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