Is your dream still just a dream?

Is your dream still just a dream?

All dreams start out with an idea. Whether it stays an idea or becomes a reality is in our hands and we can decide if we want to dream about dreaming or do and make it happen. When I started these projects 2 years ago, it had been a dream for quite some time. But once I made that decision to take the first step, my dream was taken out of its hiding place.

Once I realized and acknowledged in my heart what I felt I needed to do, all the questions, concerns and fears would crop up. I was thinking how I could even think of promoting art in the rural schools. Firstly, I had no experience, I did not even consider myself arty, nor do I have any type of training and I have no funding in any way. But as I worked through these questions I realized that in the bigger scheme of things I will be provided by the universe all that is needed. We do not have to be the most talented; the most connected or even have the money, as when you follow your calling things will fall into place. When your intentions are for the good of others, the universe will provide. Maybe not in the ways we wanted, but it always has a better plan.

Crazy as it seems, I had thought maybe we would only receive a few childrens art pieces to take with to the children of Nepal. How overwhelming to think that with the help of amazing people we have over 1500 pieces that will travel with us to the rural areas. These art pieces have been donated from children from all around the world. They are sharing their love and colors with children in the rural areas that have no other connection to children in other parts of the world. 

When you do not have any funds you have to stretch your imagination and find ways that you can make it happen. Do not give up so easily! After losing 3 competitions to win funds I realized that not giving up hope and continuing on this road was the gift I received. When you change a negative into a positive it all becomes part of the journey. It took me sometime, but I can now look back at it without feeling that I had lost. And feel the winner that we are.

About 2 months ago I had very little art supplies and had been thinking how on earth will we be able to have enough supplies to work with hundreds of children over the 2 months  Somehow people travelling to Nepal heard my request and they have brought boxes of supplies for us to use. I had people offering their space in their bags for me to send supplies with too. I have been stunned at how it all is working out.   

My biggest dream still is to open a free art center in rural Nepal where we can do teacher training, free workshops for schools and children, and bring art into areas where it can be used to create an income for communities. At this point, it still seems very over the top, but anything and everything is possible. Part of this trip will be used to do research and to find a place where this could be set up on a permanent basis. I have to shake my head sometimes as I really have no idea on how to do this, but somehow things happen if you allow yourself to be open to where the roads lead. It might not end up like the idea I had in my head, but that does not mean it is failure.

So we are setting out in a weeks time on this crazy adventure to follow our hearts and our dreams, not only for ourselves but for more importantly for the children of Nepal. My thanks to each and every one that has contributed in some way to make this happen.
Go out there, be creative and think of ways to make your dream happen.        
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