Prarambha; an initiation toward shaping the better ideas

Prarambha; an initiation toward shaping the better ideas

Hey guys, here's something to add to my blog. Today  I visited 'Prarambha' on behalf of View Your Choice, organised by YUWA. This workshop took place in Baneshwor Campus from 10:00-03:15. Well, it went very good. Infact i was fascinated to see the initiative taken by YUWA targeting the youths. YUWA which was established in 2009, is a registered, not for profit, purely youth run and youth led organisation working to promote youth participation on issues concerning young people through empowerment and advocacy.

For those who doesn't know 'Prarambha' it means initiative or start something. It is initiative ideas of students started to sharpen their ability and implementation of ideas. According to the co-founder/designer of 'Prarambha' Mr. Santosh Bohora, " Students have a lot of ideas within them, but due to lack of proper guidance those ideas are suppressed inside them. So, the main motive of this workshop is to shape those ideas." He himself initiated the idea of starting ' Prarambha'.

This entire workshop was coordinated by Mr. Sandeep Gurung. According to him, this workshop is divided into three levels i.e pre-workshop, during-workshop and post-workshop. This will help the students for networking and advancing their ideas and career. First the ideas are explored and then action plan is implemented.

I was fascinated by the approach of this workshop to target government schools and colleges for shaping their ways of thinking and interaction. The workshop had time to do little bit of fun as well to build up the student's learning ability. A game called tiger-gun-man was played. I don't know how to play it, but the game seemed quite interesting. A total of 25 students attended the workshop.The graduates of the workshop carried out a small social engagement project on the theme of actions against Gender Based Violence. Prarambha  itself states initiation, so why not we start our own Prarambha towards shaping our ideas and building our career?











Photo Courtesy : Sachet Gurung and Sandeep Gurung 
Prajjwal Bazracharya leads projects on activism  at View Your Choice.  He has also been a participant of College Ambassador and an emerging model. He loves working on field of creativity and arts. Determined to be a high class chef and a reputed VJ.


Gaurav kandel said...

Great reading it . I knew abt Prarambha more from ur blog Prajjwal . Hope to read more blogs in upcoming days. Keep up the grt work

Unknown said...

great to know about the deeds yuwa has initiated.. and I hope this initiation will certainly shape the ideas in a better way! :)

and yes, a very pleasing article! :)

Unknown said...

Best of Luck for the Initiation of Yuwa. Lets hope it will certainly bring change in the youths of the Nepal. hmmm Lets Start with new thought,


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