Why The Prejudice

Why The Prejudice

Last Friday, I went for shopping to buy a birthday present for my cousin. I was wandering through the shop’s showcases. Suddenly, the shopkeeper came near and asked what I was searching for. I told him about my cousin. He handed me a Barbie doll and said, “She will like it.” I paused for moment, and looked back at the price tag. It was reasonable so I bought it. But I was still dazzled just by thinking that I was searching for a gift for my little sister so he handed me dolls. If I had said my cousin was ‘boy’, he would have handed me toy guns, balls or cars, birthday presents I used to get when I was a child. I glimpsed back at my life to see if I ever had a Barbie doll as a present. The answer was simply “NO”.

Since the age of a year I have been handed cars, balls, guns etc. I still don’t know why even at the age of four to six I was interested in them. But the question still exists, were those things that I really wanted? No. Never was I told that boys should like these types of items. But I didn't want to be any exception. So it was what the society wanted. The answer for this question is the continuity of our world. It has been this way since my birth and I am still in this marathon. I can remember what it has turned me into. I was not the muscular and athletic type of guy in the school. Because of this I was not counted as the good ones. Still, my question is WHY? Why boys need to be good at sports? Although my teachers used to say that the education is what determines your intellectual.

I want to be familiar and good with my friends. Whereas if I see a part of a girl, the girls good at sports is outnumbered by the girls good at make-up. The sport skill of a girl is countless in the group of friends in comparison to the make-up skill of a girl. Although if she is really “the number one”, everyone will praise her, else the struggle remains the same. Even I laid my eyes on those make-up queens.
I had thought, when I would grow up, this nightmare would end. But now I realize that this society has a lot prepared for me. It wants me to go to the university, to get a good job, to be rich and to marry a beautiful girl. And then again, prepare the same kind of life for my children, but in the luxurious way. Again, I am surprised that the timeline is different for my opposite sex. She needs to get a college degree not to get a job and be rich, but to teach her children. She needs to be prepared to be decent and beautiful, and find a rich guy with whom she can live happily ever after.

I remember a beautiful line that we have in our culture, “Everything is written in our fate.” I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I am sure that our society has designed our life and we try our best to fit in. And if we can’t, we die with the frustration, although we can always find exceptions. Many people live a life of frustration because they were not able to live according to this predesigned life. Still the question is why do they? With no doubt, the answer is same. But my last question is, until when? And I need the answer.

Subash Mishra is an activist. He believes in exploring . He wants  everyone to feel they are different and they are something for this world. He is international  service director of the Rotoract club of chandragiri. He is also working in FEDUC Nepal to promote E-learning.


Unknown said...

Fantastic. Same view here. Searching for the same answer of "till when?"


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