Music covers all the subjects - Mariano E. Abello | NMEF 2013

Music covers all the subjects - Mariano E. Abello | NMEF 2013

The Nepal Music Education Festival is one more project of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory to promote music education in Nepal.  The idea behind it is to bring educators from all over the world so they can share their art with us.

Why music education?  
We believe that it is a core subject to learn by all children.  

There are many studies showing the effects of music education in children and all of them agree that a good music program in the schools essentially brings the grades of all subjects up.  In the USA, a research with different music programs in schools and the children who took part of the music scored in all exams and the SAT higher than the ones who were not in the music classes.  Why is this possible?  Simply because music covers all other subjects from math to sports, from chemistry to history.  I know this is difficult to believe but think about it, in chemistry we combine different elements to see what's the reaction, in music we combine notes and chords to see what's the reaction. History? Music was a big part of human history from the very beginning; the great philosophers had music at the top of the studies; when we study the music of J.S. Bach or Mozart we are studying history.  Besides this, music is a powerful tool for socializing, to make leaders, and to learn when to speak and when to listen, when to be the leader and when to support the leader, when to be one and when to be many.

Music is a subject and a profession that it is not taken serious by parents, students and governments and mainly it is because we have fun with it.  When you see a concert you see some people having fun communicating with each other, playing their instruments and we have fun listening to them.  The audience is enjoying their free time and the musicians are doing their JOB.  Yes, they are working, they have fun but they are doing their job and in our society having fun and work are different things.  This I believe is the main reason why our parents don't want us to be musicians and why music students do something else and only have fun with music, because the society told us that music is not a job, that you cannot survive with it and, in some cases, that you will fall into drugs.  Well, let me tell you that if you do take care of business and study with the best teachers, go to the best music schools, you can definitely make a good living as a musician, that music do not make people fall into drugs but the opposite, takes people out of the drugs.  

NMEF is about all this, is about to make you a musician or a better musician, is about sharing a passion you cannot live without it, it is about putting smiles into people’s faces, it is about learning from each other.

If you love music, if you want to learn the inside-out of this art, if you want to smile and be happy, come and join us for this amazing NMEF2013, a festival where you will meet new people, great teachers and playing a lot of music.

Hope to see you at KJC.

Mariano E. Abello
KJC's Director

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