Short Trek from Sundarijal to Chisapani

Short Trek from Sundarijal to Chisapani

-- Rupak Parajuli

Most students know the relief after finishing exam. So, to get out of exam fever we planned to go out of hustle of Kathmandu city.  A few days ago, I discussed with my friend about the short trek from Sundarijal to Chisapani. But, you know it’s easy to discuss than utilizing it in action.

When I discussed about this short trek, most of my friends were interested. But, at last, we were only four of us to start the trek.  The trek will be more interesting if we don’t plan. I mean there should be some curiosity before exploring the new places.

We started our first journey to Sundarijal by bus and from there we walk. I influenced my friend that we can complete this 4 hours walking by saying “Hi5 guys! Come on we can do it.“ I personally was feeling that yeah this is a very long way that I am experiencing for the first time. But, you know, if you have awesome friends where they can entertain you all the way sharing jokes etc. Then it’s not the big deal right?

It took three and half hours to be at Mulkharka from Sundarijal. We were very hungry. So, we went to search a hotel where we can have lunch. We asked to local people about hotel. Their reply makes us hungrier because they told us that you need to walk 15 minutes more to get the hotel. At last, we found a hotel, but...they need some time to make lunch. OMG! More time. I looked at my friends face. I can see in their face that they feels demotivate and lack of appetite. We waited for one hour to get the lunch. You know what? The hotel “Sauni” was so kind and gave us “Naspati” before the lunch. It gave us some fund to our stomach. Ha ha.

After having a delicious lunch.  Again, we started our trekking from Mulkharka to last destination i.e Chisapani. We entered in big jungle. We feel like we four are only the people who are alive in this whole world. I mean filled with mixed emotion that is happiness and fear. Suddenly, my friend shouted and said “OMG! Snake….but not so big huh.” Our heart pumps the blood so fast that we were checking our heart beat individually. One of my friend check my heart beat and said are you not afraid? I said “Kati saro darphok ho timi haru ta”.

The most interesting part when go anywhere with your friends and you get an opportunity to listen to their crack jokes. It gives us energy to walk more. I think so. One of my friend misspelled and said” Thacha keta ho..maccha ta rukh ma falcha ni”. We all looked into his face with amused. After that, we all laughed listening to his crack jokes. Smile in our face. : )

When we arrived at Chisapani, we all were inhaling the fresh and cool air. We all Were busy to snap the picture of beautiful scenery of Chisapani. It feels that we have conquered the battle. After staying for half an hours, we were ready to back from Chisapani to Sundarijal. We were very tired. But, we don’t lose the hope.

At last, I remember the saying of Albert Camus “Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” 


Gaurav Kandel said...

I have never had an experience for a hike or a short trek to Chisapani from Sundarijal. Seems after reading your experience need to make it soon :)

I really loved the Albert Camus quote :)

KUDOS Rupak !!! Looking for more of your blog post here :)

rupak.parajuli said...

Thank you so much. Your comment made me write more blog.


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