SXCMela Rave Reviews

SXCMela Rave Reviews

On SXC Mela day +Neema Ghimire Blogger at +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई -  quickly asked few of our visitor’s and organizer’s view about the SXC Mela and this is what they said.

How’s the #SXCMela Going On ???

" I’m really enjoying this mela. It’s the first time that St. Xavier’s College has organized such event and it’s really fun to be at this mela. It is fill up with so many exciting stalls, performances and other interesting activites. I actually liked the game stalls, concert and the flash mob performance. Even I was one of the flash mob performers I’m really happy with the audience’s feedback about the mob." Prizma Ghimire

" As an organizer I find this mela a successful event. Just see the crowd its more than expected. I’m happy. I liked the concert, food, games and book stalls the most." Priyanka Vaidya

"This mela is really interesting. It’s a good thing to see this big crowd of all youngsters gathering at the same place and enjoying the event. The number of visitors has really impressed me. Personally I liked concert the most."  Birendra Das

"As a student of St. Xavier’s College I think it’s a new thing for all the Xaverians as it’s the first
time the college organized mela. I’m here with my friends and really excited to be in the concert. Two things, handicraft stall and Adrian’s concert attracted me the most. "
 Basu Dev

"Mela is going on really good. The number of people joining the mela is great. I liked game stalls the most."
Ojaswee Bhattrai

"This event is interesting as all people are enjoying all the activities going on. I like game stalls the most and among games I liked Bingo the most."
 Som Raj Pant

" I’m enjoying the mela very much. I like the crowd. And the Himalayan TV is doing really great thing in the mela by providing people a chance to be a VJ. "
Kuntal Sen

" I’m having lots of fun over here in the mela. I like the concert the most and the other best thing that I can see is the management. Such a big crowd and such a smooth program. That’s really challenging. "
Sweekrit Mudbhari

" This is really an interesting event but I think I expected more than this. For me the most interesting part of the event is concert at first and flash mob and food."
Nisha Bhatta

"This is great. I loved the concert and this is what attracted me the most in the mela."
Abhishek Pratap Singh

" The only good thing for me in the mela is concert. I loved the Adrian Pradhan’s band performance the most. "
Nimesh Pun Magar

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