Mouthwatering food at SXCMela

Mouthwatering food at SXCMela

Special tea in fiesta


Hey buddies are you fun of bubbles? Wanna have something ordinary in the name of tea? Then do join us on the 1st SXC Mela ever had in the history of St. Xavier's college where you can have Jammy's Bubble Tea in different flavors. It not just a tea rather a soft drink which has varieties of flavors for tea lovers. You can choose a lot of flavors like Jasmine, Original Bubble, Coconut, Blueberry, Coffee, mango, Strawberry, Chocolate, Taro and the list goes on. Bubble tea is the new tea in town which is named from its owner's name, Jamyang D. Lama. City center's food court, corner most store on the right is the place to go. So, are you all excited to taste a different tea that has just arrived in the market?

Darjeeling's special momo in the Mela
Hey Momo lovers do you want healthy and special flavored momo? If then do come to SXC  Mela today, right now. You can enjoy the Mela with special Darjeeling's flavored Momo. You can taste Veg Paneer Momo and Buff Momo which carries Darjeeling's taste. The momo is totally free from the unhealthy masala's. It consists of simple ingredients and spicy aachar that will make your mouth water. The momo will be in bigger size too. Then you all are welcome in the mela to taste a different flavored momo with different size. So, leave the small size momo and enjoy mouth full momo that you haven’t tasted before.

Get Some Hot Dogs

Did you know hot dogs actually arrived from Germany to United States of America and got popular there? Well today even in Nepal hot dog is getting popular. So are you also a fan of hot do? So here’s an opportunity to have hot dog. Come visit SXC Mela on 30th January at St. Xavier’s School Jawalkhwel and have delicious hot dog till you get satisfied. Urban Healthy and Hygienic café, Thankot is having a stall at SXC Mela. Urban is a new and innovative meat processing company. It has branches all around Kathmandu (Bhatbhateni, Durbar Marg, Tripureshwor, Pulchowk and Thankot). In the mela they are providing healthy hotdogs to the visitors.

The process of preparing hot dog is very easy and interesting as well. Hot dog is actually a cooked sausage. The sausage is dipped in corn batter, dip fried and wrapped in a dough, baked and thus served. Otherwise it can also be wrapped in baked bun. Hot dogs are sometimes even stuffed with onions and beans or sometimes with baked beans. Interesting right? Yes it’s an easy dish to prepare and good enough to relish your hunger. It’s a western food different from what we are having so it’s always good to give it a try but you are will like it, that’s for sure. So, come do visit SXC mela on 30th January and enjoy hot dogs provided by Urban.  

Village Cafe
As suggested by the name, Village Cafe is providing verities of Newari food items at SXC Mela at St. Xavier’s School Jawalakhel right now. The café is at the mela with different varieties of traditional Newari food items. Yomari, Newari Khaja Set, Sekuwa, Chatamari and Bara are their specialty today at the mela. Sekuwa is available both in Chicken and buff flavours and similarly Chatamari and Bara are available in egg flavor. The foods are desperately waiting for the visitors. The so come visit SXC Mela to enjoy the traditional newari food items and other various foods now at St. Xavier’s School ground.  

Grab the Chicken
Are you fond of having different varieties of chicken food items? Visit SXC Mela at St. Xavier’s School Jawalakhel now to enjoy your best Chicken variety. Whatever you want to have Sausage, Wings fry, Drumsticks, Nali or chicken ham burger you can enjoy eating all these varieties at one place. These varieties are provided by Little Kathmandu café at the mela. So come and garb the chicken.

Coffee Time
Winter is always a perfect season to have coffee. Visit SXC Mela at St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel to enjoy different varieties of coffee. Barista Lavaza is at the mela with eleven different varieties of coffee for you right now. They have Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Green tea, English breakfast tea, Iced latte, Iced Americano and Iced tea. Enjoy these different varieties of beverages at one place i.e. SXC mela right now.  

Mangmo's Momaz
Momaz a different name having something special food for the food loves. Momaz is the entire collection of momo where you can have different momo's like buff, chicken, c. momo, savali and many more. 

Mutton Sekuwa in Mela
Mutton is the favorite food of all. Everyone wants to have mutton items if there is any fiesta in their home. So, if you want to be a part of grand fiesta that is going on right now then join the SXC Mela at St. Xavier's School Jawalakhel where you can enjoy and have mutton sekwa with other mouth-watering dishes. Indian food team is providing different tasty dishes like Aaloo tikki chart, panipuri, samosa as well as Jerry. So, why not to have fun and food? If so then come to the SXC Mela with your family friends and kin where you can have a great day and fun as well.

Yummy Biryani
Biryani is everybody’s all-time favorite dish. Mama’s Curries is providing Biryani in both chicken and veg flavors at SXC Mela, St. Xavier’s School Jawalakhel. Mama’s Currries is here with other different food items. Chicken roll, chicken aloo chop, veg and chicken biryani, egg roll, veg roll and what not. Chicken Biryani is the major specialty of Mama’s Curries so obviously here at mela today they are providing the visitors with yummy biryani. Do visit the mela right now so that you won’t miss the Biryani. 

A compiled blog post by +Shyam Dahal  and Neema Ghimire welcoming you all at SXC Mela. +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई -  is an outreach partner of #SXCMela.



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