Are we accountable ?

Are we accountable ?

Joining +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई -'s  project ~ ENVISAGE with SAGE ~ an interaction with Nepali Citizens from abroad who have COME BACK FOR GOOD,  being a part of this has always been always productive to me. Recently Youth Action Fund Nepal of Change Fusion Nepal organized an event Celebrating the Spirit of Youth. As a part of the event we had a wonderful time with our own project ~ ENVISAGE with SAGE ~. Looking toward the crowd many people joined us and was interested to know about our project.

Luckily I got a chance to join the workshop of +Accountability Lab. First thing that came in my mind was book of account debit/credit. Nevertheless I was totally wrong.

+Accountability Lab  first started in USA and at the present it’s in Nepal as well. It has been almost ½ years of establishment in Nepal. Accountability Lab is non- profit organization that work to generate responsible development through making power holder accountable.  It has been working to fight against the corruption. The workshop started with word accountability i.e. जवाफ देहिता   which means giving the answer.

Something strike in my mind so are we accountable with in our self? Many times we just remain silent and let things happens. Every time we complain we bargain with other for many problems that we have. Alas, we never get the answer. We should rather be thinking whom do we concern about and from whom we can get answer that could satisfy us. The problem begins from our own house parents are more concern to their daughter rather than son and the other scenario can be corruption both the party are equally involving in corruption.  Who should be accountable in the both case?  According to them not only them but the entire Nepali citizen has been facing some major problem such as corruption, social security, crime, sexual harassment and many more. We people are facing so much of problem and who should be accountable for it.

 The query arises there is a problem of load shedding and that has been directly or indirectly affecting towards the education of a child now with whom a child should be accountable. It has been a huge problem, to resolve the problem we should speak out. People can take initiative itself.  When we were talking about the accountability what I felt was we always point our finger toward the government rather than doing something for it by our own. 

Sampada interacting with representative from Bolaun 

Within program there was  Bolaun Abhiyan (a mission to speak). We people are always lagging behind because we really don’t speak.  We people are so irresponsible first we should only take an initiative and should be able to speak out. Having an interaction I talked about the sexually harassment on public vehicles as a core problem for female.  Almost 90% female travel through the public vehicles, somewhere someone is sexually harassed. In this case I think the drivers, conductors, transportation office as well as the passenger are responsible but the most important thing is the person who has been harassed should  be able to speak out ,she should be strong enough to raise her voice against such act rather than Enduring it.

Rising issues and together with the solution the participants at workshop raised on various issues that they could speak up on making it really interactive by sharing their views and ideas at the workshop.

Speak Up! Speak up on issues you care about.
 Bolaun - Speak Up ! to improve Nepali society 

+sampada pandey, a student of development studies and also a volunteer for Envisage with Sage project at +View Your Choice- तपाईको सोचाई हाम्रो रोजाई - loves writing on social issues and researching on development works.



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