Where is the GAP ?

B. Tech. Food Technology was started in the year 2036 B. S. in Dharan for the first time in Nepal before then there was a I. Tech Food Technology started in the year 2030 B. S. and it was terminated in the year 2036 B. S. Central Campus of Technology was the first campus where this programme was launched. Now this programme is being run under Tribhuvan University and Purwanchal University. Till now there are 11 colleges running under Tribhuvan University and one college under Purwanchal University.

Central Campus of Technology is the mother campus of the food technology. May 12, 2014 Central Campus of technology had a big programme called Industry Academia Dialogue I in Dharan where the academicians and industrialists were in one platform. To make this dialogue success the academicians from National College of Food Science and Technology(NCFST), Goldengate International College(GGIC), Padmashree International College(PIC), Pokhara Bigyan Tatha Prawidhi Campus(PBTPC), Nilgiri College, Sunsari Technical College(STC), Birat Multiple College(BMC), Dharan Multiple College(DMC) and College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT) were there. On the other side the industrialists from Chaudhary Group, Asian Biscuits and Confectioneries, Asian Thai Foods, Instant Meal Pvt. Ltd, J.B's, Kwality Biscuits Pvt. Ltd, United Spirits Pvt. Ltd etc were there. The programme was inaugurated by minister of Industry Mr. Karna Thapa.

The syllabus of B. Tech. Food Technology under TU is not being updated since 2001 AD and in this time the technology had stepped a huge gap in international market. So there was a discussion between both parties. Mahesh Shah representing from Asian Biscuits and Confectioneries addressed that the industry are not getting the right human resources and on the other hand the freshers said they are not getting the good job. So there arises a question where is the GAP.

Rudra Prasad Paudel (QA officer of CG group Sikkim) addressed that the freshers are offered less amount in the commencing. Mukesh Guragain (Research Scholar of CCT) kept his view that it may be due to lack of exposure in industrial world and lack the food engineering in practical application. Similarly Harihar Guragain (Country Director of Kerry Ingredients Pvt. Ltd as well as Phd. Scholar in Nutraceuticals) kept his view that the syllabus of Btech Food Technology need some practical knowledge on Good Manufracturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), International Organization of Standardization (ISO), 6 Sigma and some managerial application like cost minimization, inventory management etc. The another thing where most senior industrialists addressed is patience on freshers. The freshers have very low patience on job due to high ambitions.

In the same way Sabala Rupakheti (Research Scholar of PIC) kept her view that most of the ice cream factory in the valley don't have QA officer and they believe that the cost of production increases when they hire food technology. Similarly Hikmat Thapa (Founder President of NEFTSA and General Manager of Dangote Noodles Pvt. Ltd) kept his view that every course cannot be made such where everything are kept. Commitment, well power, creativeness, well technical management and hard work are some of the good needed quality attributes in food technologist.

In the same way Amul Ghimire (QA Officer of Himalaya Distillary Pvt. Ltd.) put this thought that the industrialists don't know scope of the food technologist and Himalaya Sanjel (Highland distillery) replied that the food technologists should be the person what industry wants.

This was the above discussions done in a facebook group called Food and Nutrition Awareness Center Nepal. From these all discussion the conclusions such as the serious update of Btech Syllabus is MUST, the students should have a good exposure to industry. On the one hand the production of food technology students are increasing rapidly almost arithmetically and the rate of industries are not increasing in the same way. In this modern world must of the people are familiar with the processing technology but its the food technicians who maintains the quality as well as formulates it. (My analysis of Academia Industry Dialogue I will be soon Published on view your choice).

Abhishek Khadka
Mtech Food Tech
Central Campus of Technology



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