Revival from the devistation

Revival from the devistation

25/4/2015 - The black day in the the history of Nepal. A 7.8 Richter Scale magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal causing above 8000 casualties and destroying homes, villages, and shattering the hopes of communities. Weaker buildings were falling apart as delicate minds and hearts of people were left numb when news flew across like a wind making you unmovable. The devastation was too hard to handle as the so called "View tower" also know as "Dharhara" was no more standing on its base and destruction of temples at Basantapur Durbar Square and other UNESCO world heritage sites was too hard to handle. In this chaotic situation, what was seen after the quake was unimaginable.

People who survived the first quake were actually helping others trapped. Though it looks a natural behavior of human to help those in need, the help didn't stop there.  A month onward,  help is still there and they are eager than before to get as much help as possible to the affected areas. The unity is what is being seen among the people. In this hard moments, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Army have played a crucial role in the rescue and recovery process. They have been working day and night to save the lives of those trapped under the rubble. International help has also been vital in these dark days for the homeless and those affected. Where some have criticized the response by the government, Nepalese are using their own sources and means to get the relief supplies in the rural areas  as much as they can.

The lesson to be learnt, no matter how big the earthquake that shattered the normal lives of the Nepalese, we are resolute in defending our home and we will work together to build what we have lost. Forgetting which race we come from, which political party we support, we have to work together as one from now on to rebuild Nepal and that's one of the option to move forward.

+Bijesh Bajracharya is currently a student at +Minneapolis Community and Technical College.



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