Tim Cook Commencemt Speech

Tim Cook Commencemt Speech

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered his commencement speech to   +The George Washington University class of 2015. He reflected both positive and negative influences of his life from Gov. George Wallace to President Jimmy Carter to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs leadership style was one of the outstanding remarkable that counts a lot. And yes!! Apple stand as number 1 best product in the world now.

Apple CEO to George Washington University grads: "I’d like to take one photo of you, because this is the best view in the world. And it's a great one."
Credit: George Washington University

Saying at the start of the speech " Those of with an iPhone, place it in silent mode. If you don't have an iPhone please pass it to the center aisle. Apple has world class recycling program."

Cook discusses Jobs' return to Apple in the late '90s, saying, "In 1997 or 1998, Apple had been adrift for years," but that Jobs was "an idealist" who believed he could make the company thrive again with a little optimism and elbow grease. "I met someone who made me question everything, who upended all of my assumptions in the very best way... That was Steve Jobs."

                    "I met someone who made me question everything"

Those 20-minute speech cook reflect some moments about his teenage days where he met both president Jimmy Carter and Alabama Governor George Wallace. This two man's with similar background but they are both from South and Democrats. This helped cook to know about his internal journey in life and how important is it rather than external life passage through his schools, university and jobs.

Cook added more, he was one of the lucky person who is now living in Silicon Valley, where impossible is turns out into the possible. It's special place. No matter problems is how difficult or complex. Back in the 90s, Apple run an advertisement "Think:Different" this helps to people to challenge and change the way we live. Gandhi, Jackie Robinson, Albert Einstein, Miles Davis are peoples who inspire us still. They make us believe anything is possible. So deepest and highest inspiration could be taken from them. This could be one of the best reason behind Apple Engineers to reached on the height of success.

Saujan Gyawali is currently First Year Site License Program in +The New York Times and also a student of business administration who loves writing on economic and business issues along with development stories.



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