P.S. Zindagi Episode 1 Review

P.S. Zindagi Episode 1 Review

Since P.S. Zindagi is the first online sitcom in Nepal and the trailer was promising, personally, I was eager to watch it. The episode started with two roommates, Krishna, who was struggling with his life, and JP trying to persuade Krishna not to give up so easily in their room lit by candle light. Of course, the load shedding effect! An aftershock shook the conversation and terrified Krishna, crouching on the middle of the street, met two new girls; Kokab and Juna.

From the trailer and character introduction videos, I was looking forward to Juna (Kavita Srinivasan) and Krishna (Rajkumar Pudasaini). The characters were not loud and nothing was extravagant about anybody that made viewer comfortable to watch and relate. I must say the casting crew chose the finest actors to play the role because their acting seemed effortless and natural, which added value to the sitcom as most of the Nepali TV series are filled with ear-splitting  dialogue deliveries and over the top acting. The scriptwriters have transcended the humor without being too pushy. The acting, dialogues and the set was just like what the story needed; not too much, not too less. However, they could have worked better on the camera angles. I felt like it was not that bad but it could have been better.

To deliver such quality acting, humor and characters isn’t a child play. The first episode was better than I expected it to be. No extreme drama, no confusing script, no unnecessary scenes. The plot went smooth and I must say the ending made me a bit curious about the new character. It is bi-monthly series so I am having hard time to wait and find out what will happen in the next episode of P.S. Zindagi.

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bbajra said...

Great going with the first episode, totally liked the content and mixture of English and Nepali.


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