FESSHIP - ''Changing lives through education ''

FESSHIP - ''Changing lives through education ''

Canopy Nepal is a team of visionary youths working in the field of education, skill and leadership development, diversity and inclusion. We seek to improve the quality and efficiency of education by focusing on the learners and reshaping the way they learn. One of our other goals is to increase equitable access to quality education, for which we are currently operating two scholarship programs. One of them is called FESSHIP. 

FONAI Education Scholarship Program (FESSHIP) is a scholarship program which provides educational support to underprivileged students to complete their secondary education and/or vocational training. The program takes care of their overall lodging and educational costs incurred in their schooling to complete their education without any obstacles which could prevent them from studying. The students are also given an option to vocational training as well. This way every scholar is ensured to have the required set of skills in their field of interest after they have completed their studies. Gaining educational and/or vocational training qualifications enable them to live independently and give back to their country.

FONAI has been very fortunate in securing a partnership with the Children’s Future Fund in Germany. With this kind of collaboration between like-minded organizations, the program aims to make quality education accessible to all youths of Nepal irrespective of their culture, race, religion or financial conditions and support them to live a dignified life.

With the synergized efforts of our partner organizations and FESSHIP team at  Canopy, these young people have been able to continue their studies and draw a better future out of their bleak present. The program is run by Canopy Nepal in partnership with Friends of Nepal Adelaide Inc. (FONAI) and Children's Future Fund (CFF) since July 2018 and is currently supporting nine students. Friends of Nepal Adelaide Inc. (FONAI) is a registered Australian charity founded in 2013 by a small group of friends who wanted to help raise money to build a school in Nepal. The organization started FESSHIP in 2016 and has secured long-term funding support with Children’s Future Fund (CFF), Germany for 4 FESSHIP scholarship recipients. This commitment from CFF has made it possible for the selected students to enter into undergraduate programs.

Children's Future Fund (CFF) is a non-profit organization founded in May 2012 in Mainz, Germany. CFF has the goal of supporting projects for the benefit of needy children. The organization focuses on sustainable development aid by supporting education. CFF started its program in Nepal in 2014 by supporting a children's home near Kathmandu. The continuation of this commitment resulted in the creation and development of the scholarship program (FESSHIP) with FONAI. CFF has long term funding support to cover educational expenses of 4 FESSHIP scholars with a primary focus in post-secondary education.

With the generous support of CFF and a strong collaboration between CFF, FONAI and Canopy Nepal, our scholars are now receiving a quality education in different educational institutions.

Written by: Deekshak Bhattarai, Program Manager of FESSHIP 
Edited by: Sabanam Thapa 



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